We were thinking, how deep can the portrayed emotions on a static picture really be? Is it possible to pass on the presented feeling to the observer? Some emotions are more ‚contagious’ than others, say anger, disgust, or love, that’s for sure. You know it’s them once you see the face expression, or the body language. But how about the feeling of peace, buoyancy or total tranquility, can you tell? How does a person lull in seclusion look like? We want to know, that’s why we were super thrilled to discover this great prompt shared by TechHalla (@techhalla). This Passionate AI Art enthusiast exploring the realms of creativity with ChatGPT and Midjourney has been discovering how Buddhist philosophy is applied in real life, the importance of meditation, aiding in introspection and a better understanding of oneself and this place… Tham Nam Lang Cave, situated in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand where people seem to find the perfect surrounding, vibe and seclusion for the under-waterfall meditation. He went down the rabbit hole and prompted out:

 “[subject] in relics meditation under waterfall | studio portraiture, [colores] , culturally diverse elements | bengal school of art | softbox lighting | 500–1000 ce –ar 3:7”

artist: @techhalla / source: X

Can you feel it, or more precisely can you see it? Let’s get some more examples of the inner peace of the meditating ones.

artist: Tom Blake / source: X

Apart from the crossed hands, mala seems to be an obligatory accessory. How about the eyes, shouldn’t they be closed rather than open? This one does not apply to Rocket Racoon’s Trāṭaka meditation and Blackpool of course.

artist: NPC Support / source: X

Those look calm, don’t they?

artist: Dmitriy Stoyanov / source: X

As some users pointed out there seem to be some issues with hand alignment, or simply making characters sit randomly on a stone instead of meditating. Eyes open, maybe? 🙂 Apparently, the mediation theme had been touched upon by another very active AI enthusiast a few days earlier, AI Art shared his art with a slightly different prompt.

artist: عبدالعزيز | AI Art / prompt: from behind shot for man meditate wearing kimono, sumi-e, minimal, centric, symmetrical, sakura tree motifs, surreal, backlight, shadow play, navy blue and pink, optical illusion, double exposure –ar 9:16 –style raw / source: X

Trāṭaka at its purest form.

artist: Melani Strachan / source: X

artist: L4it / source: X

Seems to be a bit easier to get the feeling with a bit of a zoom-out view and no face-to-face contact. Just take a look.

artist: Honza Kuzel / source: X

artist: Alessandra IA/ prompt: black and gold glowing, woman meditating trapped in a hall of mirrors, in the style of 32k uhd, pattern designs, cute and dreamy, black and gold, captivating –ar 7:4 –s 250 / source: X

Comforting, isn’t it?

artist: / source: X

and the real deal! 😉

artist: hu_man_ai / source: X

If you found yourself just a tiny bit interested in meditation, go give it a try, 15 minutes a day will make a huge change in your daily operating routines. For a way deeper dive, you should definitely treat yourself to one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation – Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are. And this is what you will actually learn afterward. Have a great day.