Is there anybody out there who is not into movies? Probably not. But, how many of you actually pay attention to movie posters? Probably, few. There are many reasons to it, one of them being the lost art of movie posters design. In the era of VOD, pay-per-view and what not, posters are usually movie stills with a bolded title or in italic, or both, and that’s it. And it works fine for many, you don’t usually want to linger over the artwork when picking up the title for your comedy night with friends. It’s only when we go to the movies that we can really take a closer look at the poster, like printed out, hanging on the wall. And it is still so much fun! Until you notice the crappy design. Often crippled by the all-mighty Hollywood folks, there is so much space for improvement. If you wish you could get it done better, now it’s the time to have some fun. By using the latest DALL·E 3 not only can you become a movie poster designer, but a poster designer for movies that never were! Should we count you in?

TechHalla, also known as Luis Riancho, a talented prompt artist and an author of first comprehensive Prompting for Artists course, has came up with this incredibly entertaining DALL·E 3 prompting challenge.

“‘[Title]’ [genre] movie poster, showcasing [description]. The [setting], [characters], and [visual elements] set the scene, with the [title design] title prominently displayed”

Let’s see how wild the thread turned out! We can tell you some of the folks took their hardest hit on the poster game. Let’s kick off!

artist: TechHalla / source: X

artist: AthenaCircuits / source: X

artist: Sumpunta / source: X

artist: LudovicCreator / source: X

We just can’t come up with any comment for the creatives here, the best one has been posted already, by Koldo Huici

“I don’t think any movie will top “Jurassic Pork” but you’ve crafted a real rabbit hole!”

and we totally agree, but the title pretenders are strong!

artist: Koldo Huici / source: X

artist: AlexandrIA / source: X

artist: Virtual Media Net / source: X

It’s an endless combination of creativity and wordplay flow. Feel free to get dozens of inspirations in the original thread here. Enjoy!