Victor Vasarely would be proud! Are you familiar with the name? Bridget Riley maybe? Jesus Rafael Soto? If you’re not so much into art, then the names may not ring any bell to you at all. But once you’re done with today’s prompt selection you will be well educated in something that is generally called an optical art, op art in short. Art that is designed to play with the viewers’ visual sense by creating illusory, flickering effects of depth, perspective, hidden images and motion. The most popular are the black and white pieces that when you look at for a long time, you under the impression they move, hence being totally static in their nature. The first name mentioned, mr Vasarely is the “grandfather” or we should say the godfather and the leader of the Op art movement. His work titled Zebra, created in 1937, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op art.

artist: Victor Vasarely / title: Zebra / source: WikiArt

artist: Victor Vasarely / title: Tiger / source: WikiArt

The latter two names, both Bridget Riley and Jesus Rafael Soto are also well-known and accomplished artists, one of the most renown representatives of the Op art movement. So, now you know!

artist: Bridget Riley / title: Movement in Squares / source: Google

artist: Jesus Rafael Soto / title: Spiral / source: Artsy

Op art, who hasn’t been starring at the illusions? Your remember now? Most of us did, without even knowing that it’s an art movement. Some of us went further down the road and got to know how it’s done – achieving precision with geometric lines and shapes. Only few actually tried to do some op art successfully. It’s time we could give it a try, once again, success guaranteed. Just prompt the op art, like Anonymouse (@TheMouseCrypto), one talented artist, exploring the fascinating universe of AI, did!

artist: @TheMouseCrypto / prompt: 3d Op Art / source: Twitter

Feeling dizzy? Head spinning around? Let’s put the 2nd gear in! Ai | It Is The Way (@pdx_trailblazer), thank you for the ride.

artist: @pdx_trailblazer / source: Twitter

Now, a quick jump into the subway with Helena (@HelenaManzanita).

artist: @HelenaManzanita / prompt: 3D op art, subway coming down art –s 750 –style raw / source: Twitter

Tired of the synthetic feel? Optical meadows are just around the corner, mesmerizing views by MS.ASIF$_786 (@SajithaAsif).

artist: @SajithaAsi / prompt: 3d op art green meadows / source: Twitter

Looks familiar? By now you should the direction we are aiming at. Amazing work by RaiseAPillow (@RaiseAPillow) Alice in Wonderland would feel like home here… but where’s the rabbit?

artist: @RaiseAPillow / source: Twitter

What do you think? Can AI get close to Vasarely’s, Riley ’s or Soto’s art? Closer.