The time is now guys, brands are carefully looking at the new technology and some artists are actually being approached with requests to get something out of the A.I. into their DNA. Recently one of the most recognized AI artist, educator and the author of the first partially copyrighted graphic novel created in Midjourney, Kris Kashtanova (@icreatelife) posted a very interesting and creative shoe concepts prompting use case on Twitter. We are also careful readers of Mx Kashtanova and sneakers enthusiasts, therefore we caught the hook.

Many users were inspired by the original prompt and did their own variations. The results were incredibly good, some of them could easily become successful drops out on the streets.

artist: @icreatelife / prompt: ‘futuristic footwear, inspired by Marvel, by Nike Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR, 50mm, f/1.4, ISO 50, 1/1200 seconds’ / src: Twitter

For the time being when you ask Google what you have to do in order to become a shoe designer, this is what you get as a career advice as one of the top suggestions:

How to become a shoe designer?*
1. Determine if it’s the best career path for you. …
2. Dedicate time to studying design and drawing. …
3. Consider enrolling in a shoe design program. …
4. Develop your footwear design specialty. …
5. Create and develop your design portfolio. …
6. Pursue various shoe designing internships.

8 steps, dated back to January’23. Fast forward to the beginning of April and we would be more into something of ‘learn how to prompt’ to be specific and “get to know AI”. Sort of…

The future is now!

But seriously, take a look at some of the designs we have selected as a showcase of how creative and enthusiastic about the generative AI its early adopters are… we bet none of those people has ever pursued various shoes design internships, yet they have created truly mint concepts! Like those unreal Laboutin-to-be beauties by Lana Begunova (@therunninglight).

artist: @therunninglight / prompt: ‘sapphire-studded, embroidered, footware by iris van herpen and louboutin’ / src: Twitter

AI doesn’t have to mean out-of-space, as Torsten Bremeyer (@TorstenBremeyer) pointed out with his barefoot inspired designs.

artist: @TorstenBremeyer / prompt: ‘minimalistic but futuristic barefoot footwear, inspired by native american footwear, by Nike Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR, 50mm, f/1.4, ISO 50, 1/1200 seconds –ar 3:2’ / src: Twitter

High heels too! And just imagine somebody printing them out. Amazing concept by Dream Vault (@DreamVaultAI).

artist: @DreamVaultAI / prompt: ‘micro shot, dainty high heels with ankle strap, gothic design, complex, beautiful, luxury, gorgeous, 4k’ / src: Twitter

Dunks and Chuck Taylors could not be missed here, ofc!

artist: @_jacobsanders_ / src: Twitter

artist: @16_Blocks / src: Twitter

But, one of the users went real on this, like a pro shoe designer, Rik (@Rik_Vasquez) mocked up the process. Brilliant!

artist: @Rik_Vasquez / src: Twitter

If any of you is thinking about using Midjourney or any other generative AI in the conceptual phase of the design process or gets contacted by a brand to do so, go ahead and see the the discussion on Twitter here. Dig deep enough and you will also find some Crocs concepts too.