Move back in time, back to when you were a kid and try to recall the first time ever you saw with your own eyes, how something has been done, cut away, so you could see the details that make the whole thing work, whether it was a car, a tank, Warhammer 40K, a human body even or the Earth itself! How cool was that?! Since then you may have thought about getting your own cutaway, the Da Vinci’s style, but it seemed an incredible effort to take car of all the details, make it look neat and technical-like, until now! Thank you Nerbts (@Nerbts) for making our childhood dreams come true.

A designer and AI enthusiast trying to make sense of it all, prompted cutaways out in Midjourney! With this little spell:

‘a cutaway schematic of [subject] , in the style of vintage scientific illustration, symmetrical —s 1000’

he sparked off the cutaway frenzy.

artist: @Nerbts / prompt: ‘a cutaway schematic of [subject] , in the style of vintage scientific illustration, symmetrical —s 1000’ / source: Twitter

Amanda (@_SunshineRobert) instantly twisted the whole thing in a way nobody ever expected, cutting away a masterpiece: Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”!!! What the hell?! You can’t cutaway paintings (sic!), can you?

artist: @_SunshineRobert / source: Twitter

From now on it can only get weirder. Would you like some ‘Anatomy of an Alien’ by Electric Mullet (@electricmullets)?

artist: @electricmullets / prompt: A cutaway anatomical diagram of Elon Musk , in the style of vintage anatomy illustrations, symmetrical / source: Twitter

Anything is possible, even Bart Simpson, this time by Bhautik Joshi (@KreativeGeek).

artist: @KreativeGeek / source: Twitter

Place can be cutaway too! An archaeological dig site called the Bonarelli, got one by MJ @sleepingtofly (@tweetcheecks). That one really exists, well one of the above too!

artist:@tweetcheecks / source: Twitter

There were so many great prompt variations that it was really hard to pick some to post it here, but we do love the Eiffel Tower big time!

artist: @profcrispi / source: Twitter

And finally the craziest: Midjourney cutaway of Midjourney!

artist: @Richard_Homer / prompt: a cutaway schematic of midjourney ai, in the style of vintage scientific illustration, symmetrical —s 1000 / source: Twitter

Looking forward to getting a Midjourney update that will make it possible to read the tiny little descriptions.