Impossible to master without a proper machine, not that mastering photography per se is possible without a camera, but x-raying stuff requires special set of arrangements, hardly ever in a reach for anybody. But…AI to the rescue, with the use of some of the generative power, decent prompt engineering skills and creativity you can x-ray anything you like, humans / non-humans included. No risk of overdosing here. One of the many talented people we keep an eye on, Óscar Bartolomé, has posted this:

“One of the best prompts so far this year, if not the best, is the X-ray art of @batmatt_ai
, a truly original concept, and at this point it’s difficult to be original.”

And it would be nuts to disagree on this. We have decided to go down the rabbit hole together with Óscar, the above mentioned BATMATT, Aaron Pitters and many more x-ray fanatics. Join us.

It all stated with this beautifully crafted prompt by BATMATT:

“absurd, fine-art photography, half woman half deer, of a woman, x-ray, light-pink lighting, in the style of minimalism photography, studio photography –ar 3:4 –v 6.0 –style raw”

This true-detective-ish theme ignited the spark, the statistics of the thread went sky high. Jump in here to see it for yourself. There were so many great works by numerous talented people it would be impossible to share all of them. Thus, here is the essence.

by Andy Forrester

…and then Aaron Pitters took his turn and invited Óscar Bartolomé to join his endeavors swapping the deer lady with Venom! Apparently, and we would be really ok with this, Midjourney has a crush on Venom (that’s what Óscar says: “Venom is Midjourney’s most beloved character. No matter what style you apply to him, it always comes out great”). Here is the proof:

Slick! There is more to it, the prompt master got even Mickey ax-rayed too!

What a ride! There’s just one thing we feel a bit bad about, the one that Óscar pointed out:

“It’s a pity that Midjourney fails to understand the indication to insert a bullet in The Punisher’s skull. That would have been great, but no luck. Still, it looks pretty good.”

Do you?