The generative AI possibilities are pretty much infinite, thus the automotive industry must be looking super closely into it. What else is there, if not adopting the revolutionary technology and making the best out of it whether it is the autonomous driving functionalities, advanced features or, of course, the design. What is important here is the fact that the product aesthetics is responsible for roughly 60% of purchasing decisions. AI can act as a savior here, for ugly cars don’t sell. Would you buy one?

Last year we saw a breakthrough project by an Industrial designer John Mauriello, who by using DALL·E 2, prompted something like this: minimalistic sports car design inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse built out of aluminum and glass, oh… and make it like it’s Johny Ive’s. 😉 This is what he got:

source: Designboom

Quite nice, isn’t it? A few months later we’re still trying our best to prompt the sh*t out of the generative AI tools, but a lot has changed, it’s been lightyears since Mauriello’s project. Today, the Internet is overflowing with not only crazy, super-futuristic ideas, but also those that are quite impressive, feasible and those that are introduced by the agencies or even car manufacturers themselves.

TheArsenale agency has celebrated an anniversary of a well known car model with a world premiere Artificial Intelligence Advertising campaign, 30th birthday of Renault Twingo!

Now, let’s think about how Dodge Viper would look like in the 50’s or even better: Nissan Cube in early 20’s of the last century. Can you imagine? Let’s take things to a whole new level then, a mix of Porsche and Ferrari maybe? Well, we got those already, or actually Automotive AI has got them. Watch and awe.

And how about a blend of car designs inspired by famous architects? No problem. Can you spot Gaudi’s or Foster’s?

source: Moss and Fog

BTW. last but not least in this thread, caravaning could also need a refresh… and this one by Tim Fu rocks!

source: Instagram

The „what ifs” are just the beginning of the whole new-era in automotive industry. If you like to know what the designers think about AI check out this video by a world-renowned designer, Frank Stephenson. You can find it below: