A day like any other, you’re browsing through the explore section of Instagram and see dozens of various images at a time, photography, design, art, you name it, and your algorithm names it. Suddenly you see this strange looking human, you’re thinking ‘aaaah, Burning Man, gotta get the tickets this time’, but no! Wait a minute. Fortunately, by complete chance, you notice the caption!

It says:

“A Fortune-Matador poses for a photo right before entering the stadium to compete in this year’s Lox Fight.”

artist: Vanilla Voyage / source: Instagram

What the hell? And then you start wondering, is this for real?! Who is that, is it yet another oddly looking photoshoot with a catchy story to tell?! Well, this one is not, and many others are neither. This is generative AI and it is extremely well-prompted. We have managed to gather a few outstanding artists behind such creatives. Check them out below… this one goes to SPACE ODDITY. How cool is that!

artist: Vanilla Voyage / source: Instagram

If you like Vanilla‘s creative visions then you should also check out the Neptunian Glitter Ball, quite a different take on the outer-space. Don’t get scared.

artist: Neptunian Glitter Ball / source: Instagram

Now, let us play a bit of a Morpheus here… “You take the blue pill… the story ends (…) You take the red pill… you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Fancy going down the rabbit hole?

Crandall Solarian, a wombat wanderer, sharing the burrow with the bravest of the bunch has “traveled” to a very distant dimension and it’s a weird one. Check a snippet of the incredible work of Crandall below, but make sure you go along for the ride with that guy. A true wayfarer.

artist Crandall Solarian / source: Instagram

The deeper we go the weirder it gets, Elmo Mistiaen, an artist working at the intersection of weirdness (as he puts it) and biomorphic outdoor fashion and biomorphic jewelry Gotta love it!

artist: Elmo Mistiaen

Ground Control to Major Tom 
Ground Control to Major Tom 
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on