The interiors that design themselves (well, almost)

Once upon a time there was an architect with an idea. They started sketching and modeling their vision. When changes were needed the model was alternated, improved and finally could be rendered. Then, on the sixth day AI was created and BOOM, everything has changed. Now the architect with an idea just needs to know how to type it in! Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that easy. You still need an architect with an idea, knowledge and skills but the time efficiency is higher than ever!

A great example of an architect who has successfully adopted the new technology is Andrew Kudless, Principal of Matsys and Bill D. Kendall Professor of Architecture.

artist: Andrew Kudles, source: Instagram

There’s nothing new about AI powered interior design tools, there are quite a few out there in use, and what we are looking closer at here is the dynamics of the recent development of the technology and the use cases we’re witnessing. The AI has taken the architecture by storm, and adopting it in a regular design process has become simply a necessity by now. An architect and designer Harshdeep Arora, takes the most out the generative AI and makes you want him to remake your flat, right now!

artist: Harshdeep Arora source: Instagram

There’s still a long walk ahead before the generative AI will be able to get us fully realized buildings with a single, yet high quality prompt, or push of the button, but sooner or later it will happen.

David Alf, architectural photographer & designer, has been running an artificial sketchbook collecting ideas and artworks created with the use of generative AI on his instagram account midjourney architect. You don’t want to miss this, great talent.

artist: David Alf, source: Instagram