Have you ever wondered what would have happened if instead of detailed prompting, careful descriptions and all those ratio/styles requirements, you would feed the the generative AI with a poem?! Yes, a poem; any poem, could be that of a famous writer, yours or simply a poetic adaptation of anything by you. We’ve seen examples of famous songs lyrics used as prompts, but poems?! Hell no. How would that turn out? It seems it turns out amazingly well, as one very active, creative and incredibly poetic artist happens to be doing on a regular basis. Please welcome, Patricia Leveque, a prompt poet.

Doppler effect in 3D net art, Wrapping a beauty’s invisible body In selective color portrait, Divine energy mathematical show Set apart.

“In a desert picture, diverse beauty stands, Blue sky above, bright white sands. In the style of fragmented bodies, chrome reflections gleam, 8k visions, a juxtaposed dream. Photorealistic compositions, geometry meets shore, Her beach portrait, forevermore.”

“False color, a cinematic scene. Enjoying fleeting moments, Capturing timeless memories”

Cinematic close-up, Portrait in ghost crater’s pattern Crafted with light, A cryoelectric dance in the night In the light of Earthrise.

Moiré patterned shadows, Curve upon her form in shallows, Their depth, it bellows.

A diverse beauty’s iridescent glow, Mermaid scale fashion adorns them In portrait, graceful show.

Amazing! Aren’t they? If you would like to join the quest, jump in. Use Patricia‘s poem or tweak it with your own idea. Like others did. Just see for yourself.