This is not going to be a story of the good ol’ Al Bundy (you do know him, right?), nor about the all-mighty king of the shoe game Phil Knight (that one is a must-know), this is going to be about those talented individuals who devote themselves to the footwear design (these are yet to be introduced). Passionate, curious and creative are just a few adjectives that could be used to describe those AI enthusiasts who challenge the generative powers with not only the looking-good requirements but also the usability, ergonomy, form and most of all the uniqueness. It ain’t easy. ‘We’ve seen it all’, that’s what they say about fashion industry. Have we? Really? Let’s see.

MACINTOYSH aka BobyTurfu

source: Instagram

Boby knows the game, the footwear concepts may seem to go way beyond regular customer expectations, yet fit perfectly in the streetwear x high fashion marriage. So hyped! They look like they were just taken off the boutique’s shelf. Wanna try them on?

Michele Torresi

We love the bio note of Michele’s: I seek beauty into balance between contradictions. And by looking at the footwear concept we simply couldn’t agree more. We reckon some of the Torresi’s envisioned collabs would definitely be worth camping for in front of the sneaker stores. Should we hold the line for you too?


source: Instagram

Function over form is definitely something we would all agree when looking through thedastman’s footwear concepts. Nothing too fancy, no out-of-this-world visions, purist-type of shoe design, as if we’re on the other side of the mirror, back to the mid 90’s. His gram bio says it all too: “We must seek the beauty of the simple, and distinguish the simple from simplicity.” Them ‘PRADA’ loafers look sweet! Would you agree?


source: Instagram

Don’t let the name fool you. This uber-talented individual is no candy man, their concepts are way beyond what you may have expected. Beyond the unknown is what we really like. Current status: popsicle addicts. SICK! Let’s all head over to the popsicle shop! Now.


source: Instagram

Your consciousness has got a question for you: do you really like Crocs? If your answer is yes: you may stop reading here. If no, then you should definitely get familiar with Parametriks. Nathan Smith has founded and runs a creative studio specializing in algorithmic and biomimetic design using Grasshopper. The real deal is that they make AI-generated dreams come true. And even get awards for them! Stoked! Who’s not?! Crocs lovers probably 😉 (just teasing you)