The worlds of Small Worlds & MΛᄃΉIПΣGЯΛPΉIᄃƧ… nothing you can relate to, or can you?

It’s been episode 312 out of 365 and it goes like this: “He invented a VR headset for flies. It had 2,500 eyeholes.” Let’s take a step back to the day before: “The character in the multidimensional novel didn’t break the fourth wall, they broke the fifth.” And one more “The parasitic iPhone latched on the Macbook, sapping the larger machine of its energy.” How incredible those shorts are! a year round filled with tiny stories, one for each day, 365 days total, all incredibly well composed and put together with an amazing image. Simply the best, an illustrated tiny sci-fi story every day by an unknown author.

It’s no AI, but feels like it fits in, as if the author is talking about it, living it. Like one of those Black Mirror episode you watch and realize the future is here, not somewhere ahead of your times. The time is now. Same with the those stories. It’s a rabbit hole you will go down very deep and can easily spend hours reading. We know, but we also wanted you to know. But why are we talking about it in the first place? While browsing through the usual stuff on Instagram, scouting talents and getting to know the unknown artists on the breach of generative AI and all sorts of oddities we have stumbled upon Alfredo Ziano and his MΛᄃΉIПΣGЯΛPΉIᄃƧ project. We have seen so much until now, it’s hard to get surprised, but Alfredo’s visons are way out of the box. They somehow instantly made us recall the tiny sci-fi stories, the feel, the touch of nostalgia they wear, the thought they awake in the viewer’s mind. Like the dream collab between Alfredo and the unknonw Small World. Again, as if we were living the future we still expect to come.

Those two, combined together make one of the greatest storytelling one can imagine, but within the viewer’s head explicitly. Nowhere else. We would just accompany the visuals of Alfredo and narratives of the Small Worlds with a nice, juicy soundtrack, Aphex Twin or Trent Reznor’s. Should we count you in? Headphones on!