Those sneakers do not yet exist! Or do they?

Brace yourself, the time has come and we may all be witnessing a truly remarkable advancement in fashion design as artificial intelligence joins forces with the realm of sneakers, possibly sparking a transformative revolution in the industry. Just picture it, a future where individuals can effortlessly craft their own customized versions of their beloved footwear without even moving from their good old sofa. All that without any technical expertise, just a bit of a guidance!

Several companies have already started leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to enhance various aspects of footwear design, production, and marketing. Nike has been at the forefront of using AI in footwear design. Years ago, the company developed a platform called “Nike Fit” which uses computer vision and machine learning to scan customers’ feet and recommend the best shoe size for them. That’s AI, what else?! They have also utilized generative algorithms to create innovative footwear design, such as the Nike Air Max 270, featuring a sole unit generated by AI itself. Anyone else? Of course, Adidas has implemented AI-driven manufacturing processes to optimize production efficiency and quality. Design-wise “Zee Germans” have also explored the use of 3D printing combined with AI-generated designs to create customized and personalized footwear for their customers. There is more examples, brands like New Balance or Under Armour, to name a few, they all have utilized AI algorithms to analyze data from athletes’ movements and performance, informing the design of footwear that maximizes comfort, support, and performance.

Does the future of footwear design lie with AI? Probably yes, but not the way we all could think of, the path that starts with prompting and ends with unboxing the product prototype is way more complicated than just pressing the “start” button. For, what still makes a great design are the great ideas of the designers behind it. AI as we know it is nowhere near to compete with such power like that of Tinker Hatfield, Steven Smith or Peter Moore to name just a few iconic designers. Generative AI is mainly taking over the social media feeds, but the real-deal shoe designers, key professionals in the game, most probably look at the tools either as a source of inspiration or a way to iterate unique designs. Miguel Pena, footwear designer and AI enthusiast claims: “the Instagram footwear design landscape has been interesting in the last few months because while we have this AI tool that should unlock creative opportunities we haven’t had before, there’s still a large number of β€œyeezys” being created in AI.”*

Let’s see that bet and check out what’s in there… the rise of AI generated sneakers.

𝐾 𝐸 𝐷 𝐴 𝑅 𝐡 𝐸 𝑁 𝐽 𝐴 𝑀 𝐼 𝑁, geometry enjoyer & computational design studio.

Meet Basilisk, the world’s first AI generated, 3d printed shoe.

Dennis Johann Mueller, Germany-based industrial designer, art direction, color enthusiast, experimental and sneaker stuff.

Sean Sullivan, Portland-based (Oregon) multidisciplinary artist and professional creative.

Benjamin Benichou, co-founder & CEO at

Nerdy Alan, designer, using AI to do some experiments.

Michele Torresi, designer seeking beauty into balance between contradictions.

Generate FTWR, ideating stuff with AI, mostly sneaker related!