What does generative AI know about mental health?

Have you ever been wondering how does a person with certain mental health condition feel? What do those names like ADHD, PTSD, OCD, to name a few, really stand for? How does certain mental disorder influence the world perception? How do you actually come around understanding, or explaining the very complicated matter of mental health without being a medical practitioner, patient or a person somehow educated in the matter. One of the ways could be to visualize certain mental diseases, and here the generative AI may come handy. This is exactly what Artificial World has attempted to prompt in Midjourney and got some really interesting results.

What was the prompt structure? Well, as the author claims most of them had the following form:

“Schizophrenia Visualized in an Urban Setting, a city street scene [captured realistically through a DSLR lens], where shadows and figures seem to shift and whisper, subtle auditory hallucinations as if murmurs in the wind, a sense of disconnection from the environment, photorealistic depiction with an overlay of confusion and uncertainty, as if through a Canon EOS R5, portraying the challenge of distinguishing reality from illusion, the complex experience of schizophrenia, disorienting reality effect, f/2.8”

This however to some extent suggest what the expected outcome may be. Nevertheless it is extremely interesting and fascinating to see how does generative AI, or MJ v6 in that matter, portrays mental health issues. What could turn out to be even more interesting as one of the X users suggested:

“I wonder could you use the DSM diagnostic criteria as part of the prompt?” – Alex Freeman