Artist Highlight: Str4ngeThing & WR0ng ER4 in Fashion

artist: Str4ngeThing

You may have heard the term Mandela Effect, have you? If not just a quick note on this: it takes place when someone recalls an event that did not actually happen, or in the way they remember it, or a thing that wasn’t actually there. Like, Britney’s never-really-there headphones in Oops… I did it again! video, or the non-existence monocle in Monopoly game logo. The names of the effect comes from the fact that many people thought that Nelson Mandela had died in prison. Which is not true. He was released in 1990, became a president of SA and died in 2013. When the news went through the media, many people were shocked – they even thought they remembered seeing the footage of his funeral on television. You get the idea, right?!

There is an artist, Str4ngeThing, who reimagines modern NIKE and other streetwear clothing and puts them in a completely odd times, Renaissance! His art collection is called “WR0ng ER4”. In the artist’s own words his work is an

“Ai Art inspired by the Mandela Effect of Fashion and modern items appearing in the wrong era via renaissance masterpieces.”

By using generative AI he was able to make an outstanding blend of the modern touch of NIKE and make them look like straight out of da Vinci’s neighborhood.

artist: Str4ngeThing

Let’s make it clear, it’s not just putting nike-dressed models in a castle-like surrounding, it’s actually remaking the cut, the feel and the final design of the items to perfectly fit the times. But that was last year…

Str4ngeThing is currently pushing the boundaries of Fashion design by incorporating AI into the process, still staying true to the Renaissance times. No extra words are needed here, just take a look at the video below. The creatives speak for themselves!

artist: Str4ngeThing

If you want to see more great works of the str4ngething please go to his stunning Instagram account, or follow his Twitter. Enjoy.