Mufasa (Hmm?)
You know we finally here, right?
(Where are we?)
It’s Friday then…

… let’s take it easy today.

Kids say history lessons are boring. How come, if history is such an exciting topic to be discussed? It’s not just today, it’s been always like that. One of the reasons could be the fact that history in its essence is so detached from here & now that it’s just sometimes unbearable for those living their modern lives. Let kids have their say… modernize the history, like one creative and talented guy from Brighton did. Not a kid though, but could be of great use as a reference. Duncan Thomsen took what could be called historical selfies.

He used Midjourney to imagine what famous historical figures would look like if they had taken smartphone portraits. Like who? Like Jesus at the last supper table!

artist: Duncan Thomsen / source: Twitter

Jesus is not the only one who had taken a selfie with their crew. Check out also Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, and even a group of Neanderthals in a cave (sic!).

artist: Duncan Thomsen / source: Twitter

The best is yet to come, Duncan’s idea fired off a series of other Midjourney practitioners and here is what happened. So dope!

‘Where are we?! We out here man, hurry up, the sea split won’t last forever’

artist: @Khulile48668629 / source: Twitter