TERRA, the AI-powered companion of every wanderer.

AI-powered, pocket-sized gadget that guides you along a route using haptic feedback and a subtle graphic interface like a compass needle, phone-free.


If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere – Laura Ingalls Wilder

On These Streets of Post-Photography with Andrea Ciulu.

As long as you need a camera to play the photography game, it’s not necessarily a must-have in the post-photography world. It’s not that you don’t take pictures at all, exactly opposite; you do take them, but with a variety of different means. Interested to see how?


The enchantment of 35mm, Polaroid, or the classic 120 medium format is unparalleled, evoke those nostalgic vibes that resonate deeply but shoot pics not, prompt them out!


56 amazing artists, 250 high-value prompts and images, 1 book, a book of spells! Though it may seem to be the craziest idea ever, it is what it is, and we do love it, truly!

AI BITS: AI made me do it…

Without AI, neither would this text be written, nor would you be reading it. The great neo-noir experiment by FERA, the Figure 1, Poetry Camera, and even the inclusion of an AI category in the 2024 Webby Awards would not have come to life.

The amazing AI-powered projects of ARVIND SANJEEV

Has anyone seen a typewriter that types back? Or has anyone heard about the hyper-tailoring of things, say music for instance. No? Jump in and see what Arvind Sanjeev is up to.


As the reminiscent of the vibrant hues seen on digital screens, neon colors have gained popularity as a way to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

life-changing · world-shaking · ground-breaking MJ’s character consistency & co.

No more third party face-swaps needed, the most often requested Midjourney feature has finally launched a few days back and it’s a real game changer. By harnessing its power and leveraging the diverse array of options provided by MJ, one can truly work wonders


There is something special about the subtle nature of things; the profound sensation experienced upon uncovering genuine beauty is unparalleled. Interested in experiencing it yourself? Meet the artisans of ethereal ambiance: Serifa.