Pika it is!

Houston: an idea-to-video platform that brings creativity to motion has just dropped a ground breaking release, it seems to be out of this world! Over.


All things retro… we thought we felt like nostalgia would be the right theme for today, you fancy?

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: ai_dream_journey

Dreamy, colorful and seductive but also a bit odd, disturbing and clumsy, could be the eyes though. They are everywhere, lookin at the viewer, straight in their face. Very personal.

–style 8YHZ0RGqm-3UmPObQEqr-D5u2S297–ar 16:9 or not so random magic of Midjourney Style Tuning

You may have seen it somewhere, a chain of random characters at the end of a prompt. What are those? Well, they are style tuning parameters.

Stable Video Diffusion is real!

The company has entered the generative video space owned pretty much by Runway and Pika, until now. It seems they are not going to just linger in there, instead they are more like saying “it’s our turn now!”

The worlds of Small Worlds & MΛᄃΉIПΣGЯΛPΉIᄃƧ… nothing you can relate to, or can you?

A VR headset for flies with 2,500 eyeholes and the experiments of the subconscious. What do those two have in common?


What if? There was a shroomy Lego set, Blade Runner would have been shot vertically and Homer Simpson had a diamond grill…those few and some more Monday specials.

Will AI revolutionize urban planning?

All basic needs and services are within a 15-minute reach from your home. Just walk or use a bike to get your shopping done, visit a doctor, go to work, school or a park. Can AI make it happen?


Have you ever wondered what would have happened if instead of detailed prompting, careful descriptions and all those ratio/styles requirements, you would feed the the generative AI with a poem?


They say the eyes are the window to the soul and that real eyes realize real lies; we couldn’t agree more. Take a look at todays takeaways, there’s plenty to catch your eye here.