Chiaroscuro is an Italian term which translates as light-dark, and refers to the balance and pattern of light and shade in a painting or drawing.


The first inflatable structure and the ancestor of bouncy castles or moonwalks was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock who was experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed his employees enjoyed jumping on the covers.

A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street…

‘Sora’ from Japanese, means ‘sky’, as in ‘sky is the limit’, but… did you know it has at least two other meanings, they both will for sure make the AI-skeptics a bit happier…

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: Absurdity Inventor

Psychological traits such as creativity, imagination, and a propensity for divergent thinking can contribute to a person’s tendency towards absurdity. Please welcome the master of absurdity… the inventor.

Those sneakers do not yet exist! Or do they?

Prepare to be part of the remarkable advancement in fashion design as AI have moved into the world of sneakers, sparking a revolution in the game!

Dear AI, can you pls bring back the memories that never were

What is the use of a photograph? If nothing else, it’s a reference point to a specific moment in time, a deposit, a memory. What if they get lost on the way? Do memories fade away too? This is Maria Mavropoulou and her story of how AI helped her bring back the lost family archive.


You have begun to know the mushrooms. They are not all sweet, happy, soft, fragrant like the first mushrooms. They are the spiny ones, the puffballs, the stinkers, the squishers…


TRIAD, the series by AI-DA, covers the aspects of human activity, urbanized territory and natural environment, shedding light on what it would be like if we kept on going in the direction of ‘zero given’.

The prime time of AI ads, the super bowl time, are we there yet?

Despite having its moment, 2024 may not be the year of the Super Bowl AI, but it is definitely worth checking out. Is the heyday of AI ads just around the corner?

AI-generated skate spots that we’d love to see getting done for real!

The creative series by ūti architectes called Hidden Skateparks in Paris represents a new and innovative approach to urban planning and design. We want more!