A new series from Runway Studios: humans talking about creativity and AI.

Have you ever seen Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? That American talk-show with Jerry Seinfeld picking up his guests in a super fancy car (oh there were many!) driving to a local boulangerie, and having a nice little chit-chat over a cup of coffee? The guest list was really impressive and fun to look forward to, episodes included people like Ricky Gervais, Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen or even Barack Obama to name a few. Well, it was great entertainment , really, you could almost smell the coffee and that bagel from the screen. That was exactly what we felt when saw “Creative Dialogues”; a new series from Runway Studios where two people come together to talk about human creativity and AI. Yes! We are thrilled to share the news.

“In episode one, writer and Grammy nominated musician, Claire Evans sits down to talk with celebrated novelist, Stephen Marche. The two discuss everything from the advent of film to the indestructible nature of human creativity.”

Claire Evans (clairelevans.com) is super talented persona, a writer and musician exploring ecology, technology, and culture, so just imagine what happens when she sits down to have a casual, yet really smart conversation with Stephen Marche (stephenmarche.com), a novelist, essayist, cultural commentator and a columnist for Esquire magazine. Spend a few minutes of your life and watch the episode, it’s great! Everybody is excited about it, and we are too. The times we live in definitely need a smart discussion on AI. Education is key to moving forward and making the most of what we are currently witnessing as a media revolution.

Looking forward to the next one now, hungry for coffee too xD