Pika it is!

Houston: an idea-to-video platform that brings creativity to motion has just dropped a ground breaking release, it seems to be out of this world! Over.

Stable Video Diffusion is real!

The company has entered the generative video space owned pretty much by Runway and Pika, until now. It seems they are not going to just linger in there, instead they are more like saying “it’s our turn now!”

AI BITS: 1stAI Machine, The saving powers of Runway Gen-2’s text-to-video, LEGO needs & GONE

We’re so gone watching GONE time and time again that the only thing we dream about now is getting our hands on 1stAI Machine and becoming creator ourselves. What will be next?

THE WINNERS OF 2023 GEN:48 by Runway

Tens of thousands of votes, 65 finalists, one Grand Prix winner, Silver and Bronze finalists, popular vote recipients, alongside special awards for Best Character, Best Craft and Best Narrative. Top of the tops are here.

Gen:48 an AI film competition by Runway

October 21st could be the date that has changed the movie industry forever as Runway supported by YouTube, Epidemic Sounds and Coca-Cola has launched their 1st edition of 48 hrs short AI Film Competition.

A new series from Runway Studios: humans talking about creativity and AI.

Creatives Getting Coffee, or Creative Dialogues, where two creatives come together to talk about AI, discussing everything from the advent of film to the indestructible nature of human creativity.

The 18 secs of creative flow.

The folks at RunwayML have just reached another milestone and it instantly gave birth to an incredible amount of creativity. The generative AI software update has once again changed the game, literally overnight.

AI BITS: THE PROMPT MASTERY, Lupe Fiasco x AI, ARVisual studio toolkit and a simple story of DIFFUSION MODELS

Are you as god as your last prompt; the incredible examples of human & machine collabortion put some truly bright light on the future of AI.


This stunning trailer for dystopian sci-fi epic, a class of its own, is 100% DIY. Nicolas Neubert used solely his laptop to create a real breakthrough in the AI game.

AI BITS: Secret lab in a parallel universe, Yearbook Photographs, apotheosis and a SUPER list of mega prompts

The curious case of apotheosis in prompts, the best yearbook ever, one secret lab somewhere and prompts you should save for later.