The second edition of GEN:48 is over, yet Runway Studios has more to come than that.

We have barely cooled down our enchantment after watching the awarded shorts of the first ever GEN:48, yet it’s the second edition of Runways’ ML 2-day film competition that has just finished. Grab some popcorn and join us.

The prime time of AI ads, the super bowl time, are we there yet?

Despite having its moment, 2024 may not be the year of the Super Bowl AI, but it is definitely worth checking out. Is the heyday of AI ads just around the corner?

AI BITS: All things multi! Motion, replacement, deblurring and prompting.

Every now and then everybody needs to go to bed and have some good night sleep, but whenever this happens, the generative AI just hits new level…and so it happens this time.

When art meets tech: a story of the world’s first AI ballet.

The world’s first AI ballet co-directed and composed by a beatbox world-class artist Harry Yeff and performed by the great Leipzig Ballet is here!

What’s the story in the AI video glory?

General World Models, Motion Brush and a few minutes of chill. Runway runs fast, full profile.

AI BITS: Is Google back in the AI game, The Room and where is Santa?

Guess who’s back in the game for the throne, what Room are we in and where is Santa actually?

The magnificent Magnific

A newcomer called Magnific AI juts got themselves right in the spotlight for their image upscaling capabilities. Unlike anything seen before.

Pika it is!

Houston: an idea-to-video platform that brings creativity to motion has just dropped a ground breaking release, it seems to be out of this world! Over.

Stable Video Diffusion is real!

The company has entered the generative video space owned pretty much by Runway and Pika, until now. It seems they are not going to just linger in there, instead they are more like saying “it’s our turn now!”

AI BITS: 1stAI Machine, The saving powers of Runway Gen-2’s text-to-video, LEGO needs & GONE

We’re so gone watching GONE time and time again that the only thing we dream about now is getting our hands on 1stAI Machine and becoming creator ourselves. What will be next?