When art meets tech: a story of the world’s first AI ballet.

Meet Harry Yeff, better known by his stage name, Reeps100, a London born beatboxer, composer and most most of all a renown AI & new media artist. His website description says it all: a neuro-divergent artist and technologist specializing in voice, A.I. and tech-based performance art. You do follow, don’t you?! Although Harry has grown from being an underground, then one of the best beatboxers out there to an internationally acclaimed speech artist and musician he has been pursuing his passion for training with machines and pushed his capabilities into realms that truly begin to sound like nothing you may have heard before. Can we call it post-human sound?! Let’s say if he can do it, the we can call it that way!

Harry has been onto something for years, from exploring vocal vibration in water, via creating sound sculptures based on the human voice, and voice generated gemstones, to name just a few, to finally co-directing and composing the world’s first AI ballet! A subversive performance utilizing generative AI to inspire all aspects of the composition; from the concept, costumes, choreography, the play and the set design. FUSION is a modern ballet production where art meets technology, live, on stage, literally. Harry has first utilized the tools such as DALL·E 2 and Midjourney, to create a series of imagined artists based on portraits of the international dancers from the Germany-based Leipzig Ballet, and then during the act plays with his own voice and uses it as a catalyst for creating visuals accompanied by generative synthetic machine-like sounds that contribute to the ethereal musical landscape.

“The work envisions the arc of human and machine collaboration over the next 100 years as a story of attempted harmony and conflict. Incorporating synthetic voice, cymatics, cutting-edge vocal techniques, and dance.”

Fusion and its AI use case is exactly what we would all dream of when imagining the harmony and deep integration between human artists and their AI counterparts, wouldn’t we?!

The backdrop responds to beatboxer Harry Yeff’s vocals during a ballet performance.

Harry Yeff joined by Gadi Sassoon, the associate composer, together with the classical music composer Teddy Riley and a dramaturge Thilo Reinhardt by bringing to live such an incredible show has proven that there is more openness for new kinds of expertise to be celebrated. And the best is yet to come!

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“‘My voice is now augmented as a result of hundreds of hours of training with A.I. – I am able to reach speeds and depths I didn’t believe were possible. I am a living breathing augmentation, soon there will be many more of me’”

says Yeff in a Wallpaper article.

We are truly looking forward to hearing!