AI BITS: 1stAI Machine, The saving powers of Runway Gen-2’s text-to-video, LEGO needs & GONE

We’re so gone watching GONE time and time again that the only thing we dream about now is getting our hands on 1stAI Machine and becoming creator ourselves. What will be next?

THE WINNERS OF 2023 GEN:48 by Runway

Tens of thousands of votes, 65 finalists, one Grand Prix winner, Silver and Bronze finalists, popular vote recipients, alongside special awards for Best Character, Best Craft and Best Narrative. Top of the tops are here.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe

So here we are now… in a place that makes no sense, yet somehow we all have ended up in here. We published it, you went in. Without even knowing what’s in here, how come?

Gen:48 an AI film competition by Runway

October 21st could be the date that has changed the movie industry forever as Runway supported by YouTube, Epidemic Sounds and Coca-Cola has launched their 1st edition of 48 hrs short AI Film Competition.

Fantasy, time-traveling and retro-futuristic product design.

When we think about the product design of the future, we somehow bring back that well-known Fallout welcome interface. Have we gone nuts or something? Not necessarily… there are others too. Let’s say hi.


Toriyama is a very crowded street full of extravagant characters, it’s a street photography project made without a camera in a place that doesn’t exist. We wish it did! You will too.

AI BITS: Echoes of AI in Echoes of Somewhere, daily dose of and the lost Artifact.

From a very detailed case study of how to make the most of AI in game development, through the coming launch of a daily AI arts site to the lost and found movie called The Artifact.

AI BITS: THE PROMPT MASTERY, Lupe Fiasco x AI, ARVisual studio toolkit and a simple story of DIFFUSION MODELS

Are you as god as your last prompt; the incredible examples of human & machine collabortion put some truly bright light on the future of AI.

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out

With the rise of AI, for the first time, the barrier of skill is swept away. In this evolving era, taste is the new skill; Claire Silver makes a check-call in the video shorts.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: The Brigadoon Dispatch

Enchanted hundreds of years ago, remaining unchanged and invisible to the outside world except for one very special day every 100 years when it could be seen and even visited by outsiders.