STRATA – turn on, zoom in, drop out!

999-piece AI art collection reflecting our complex and multifaceted relationship with the world around us. It is a mindbending metaphorical look at the evolution and overload of our habitat.

You’ll wish you lived here. The Visual Dome.

In a parallel realm where the familiar takes on a strangely different hue. Categorized by their blood work, the Domers with their insane headgear, boundless creativity and insatiable curiosity live on, whether for the better or worse of their world.

The second edition of GEN:48 is over, yet Runway Studios has more to come than that.

We have barely cooled down our enchantment after watching the awarded shorts of the first ever GEN:48, yet it’s the second edition of Runways’ ML 2-day film competition that has just finished. Grab some popcorn and join us.

Dear AI, can you pls bring back the memories that never were

What is the use of a photograph? If nothing else, it’s a reference point to a specific moment in time, a deposit, a memory. What if they get lost on the way? Do memories fade away too? This is Maria Mavropoulou and her story of how AI helped her bring back the lost family archive.


TRIAD, the series by AI-DA, covers the aspects of human activity, urbanized territory and natural environment, shedding light on what it would be like if we kept on going in the direction of ‘zero given’.

AI-generated skate spots that we’d love to see getting done for real!

The creative series by ūti architectes called Hidden Skateparks in Paris represents a new and innovative approach to urban planning and design. We want more!

When art meets tech: a story of the world’s first AI ballet.

The world’s first AI ballet co-directed and composed by a beatbox world-class artist Harry Yeff and performed by the great Leipzig Ballet is here!

AI BITS: 1stAI Machine, The saving powers of Runway Gen-2’s text-to-video, LEGO needs & GONE

We’re so gone watching GONE time and time again that the only thing we dream about now is getting our hands on 1stAI Machine and becoming creator ourselves. What will be next?

THE WINNERS OF 2023 GEN:48 by Runway

Tens of thousands of votes, 65 finalists, one Grand Prix winner, Silver and Bronze finalists, popular vote recipients, alongside special awards for Best Character, Best Craft and Best Narrative. Top of the tops are here.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe

So here we are now… in a place that makes no sense, yet somehow we all have ended up in here. We published it, you went in. Without even knowing what’s in here, how come?