STRATA – turn on, zoom in, drop out!

It happens once in a while; while scrolling down, say on, you almost miss it, yet you luckily stop before the quick hit-to-refresh, scroll up a bit, a bit more and there it is. That one thread which grabs your attention with no chance of being let loose until you take one more look, close one and closer and try to figure out how it’s done! The regular gradation of the “close” adjective for that one would not be enough, you can simply “cut the distance” endlessly. Presented in 16K high-resolution and processed through 3 different AI models and tools, the collection of post-photography pieces entitled STRATA by Alkan Avcioglu blows heads off! At first sight it looks like the integrated circuit of your PC’s motherboard, but it’s not! It’s us, it’s our planet, it’s the world!

“Strata is a 999-piece AI art collection reflecting our complex and multifaceted relationship with the world around us. It is a mindbending metaphorical look at the evolution and overload of our habitat. Strata invites viewers to explore the interplay between the literal and the symbolic, the organic and the structured, and the micro and the macro perspectives, blurring the lines between photographic image, aerial views, and abstraction. Each piece in the collection defies traditional visual boundaries, bending minds and warping perceptions, playing with the viewer’s sense of scale, depth, and reality. The artworks disrupt conventional perspectives, forcing a reassessment of viewpoint and context, leading to a transformative visual experience. This is a collection that pushes the boundaries of perception and layers of meaning.”

999 artworks combined in every single piece make the project incredibly interesting to dig into, day and night. Endlessly. Who is that incredible creative mind behind it? His name is Alkan Avcioglu, an outsider AI artist, DJ, film critic and dysfunctional polymath as he likes to call himself. Alkan is one of the first AI post-photography artists to get exhibited at Paris Photo and numerous other shows worldwide, like POCO Museum of Pop and Contemporary Art, Seattle NFT Museum, Art Salon; and at major events such as Vogue Photo Milan, Zona Maco Mexico, making him one of the first AI artists to get exhibited at traditional art fairs. You may have heard the name not that long ago. Alkan is the guy responsible for a collection entitled “Overpopulated Symphonies“; a thought-provoking AI post-photography of 300 piece collection that aims to provide an immersive visual commentary on the contemporary human condition by capturing sprawling images of densely populated urban landscapes and human gatherings.

Getting to know Alkan Avcioglu’s is a must! Visit his website or a linktree page to get to know more about his artistic endeavors. Until then, turn on, zoom in, drop out!


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