TERRA, the AI-powered companion of every wanderer.

AI-powered, pocket-sized gadget that guides you along a route using haptic feedback and a subtle graphic interface like a compass needle, phone-free.

AI BITS: AI made me do it…

Without AI, neither would this text be written, nor would you be reading it. The great neo-noir experiment by FERA, the Figure 1, Poetry Camera, and even the inclusion of an AI category in the 2024 Webby Awards would not have come to life.

The amazing AI-powered projects of ARVIND SANJEEV

Has anyone seen a typewriter that types back? Or has anyone heard about the hyper-tailoring of things, say music for instance. No? Jump in and see what Arvind Sanjeev is up to.

life-changing · world-shaking · ground-breaking MJ’s character consistency & co.

No more third party face-swaps needed, the most often requested Midjourney feature has finally launched a few days back and it’s a real game changer. By harnessing its power and leveraging the diverse array of options provided by MJ, one can truly work wonders

STRATA – turn on, zoom in, drop out!

999-piece AI art collection reflecting our complex and multifaceted relationship with the world around us. It is a mindbending metaphorical look at the evolution and overload of our habitat.

AInime, mangai; What would Toriyama do?

The introduction of AI into the manga creation process evokes both excitement and concern among creators. What are the perspectives on the potential influence of automated image generation on the comics industry? Is generative AI more of a boon or a curse?

RUNWAYS Creative Dialogues

New mediums, artistic intent and the similarities between gardening and generative AI. Blob futures, permission to be weird, and what futures AI image tools prescribe. How does that sound?! Tune in.

A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street…

‘Sora’ from Japanese, means ‘sky’, as in ‘sky is the limit’, but… did you know it has at least two other meanings, they both will for sure make the AI-skeptics a bit happier…

The prime time of AI ads, the super bowl time, are we there yet?

Despite having its moment, 2024 may not be the year of the Super Bowl AI, but it is definitely worth checking out. Is the heyday of AI ads just around the corner?

Welcome to “not-only-anime” Niji V6.

A milestone update of Niji V6 in comprehending diverse anime and non-anime style prompts, very detailed prompts! All you have to do is… explain.