AI BITS: AI made me do it…

If it wasn’t for the artificial intelligence we would have not been writing this. Our engagement with AI isn’t merely a fleeting trend dictated by others; it stems from a sincere fascination, curiosity and passion for innovation. Double up with great love for arts and media, the old-school zine nostalgia straight from the 90’s, and finally that one simple thing in mind: “sharing is caring” deeply rooted within and here we are, reading, listening, watching, viewing all-things-AI almost 24/7, like we’re all 15 again discovering the latest Wu-Tang release. Yeah, we do love hip-hop too! It feels great! And you know what? We do know you also feel the same way too (besides the hip-hop part).

Enough being personal. Now, Let’s see what this weeks’ AI bits and pieces are.

BIT #1

Do you follow FERA (@imagineFERA); digital art enthusiast / developer turned explorer? If not then we may just give you a nice reason for this. While we all wait for the SORA public release (no it wasn’t released yesterday, it was just smart a April Fool’s day joke) Generative AI in the hands of crafty people can bring really powerful results. “To Kill Them All” by FERA was imagined in Midjourney, animated in RunwayML and edited on DaVinci Resolve. Just check this one out, don’t get scared off by the title!

“My first neo-noir experiment. By far, the project I pushed more of my limitations as video creator apprentice: First time doing some kind of VFX, sound editing and the first time using DaVinci Resolve – one of the reasons I’ve been silent lately. Would love to know your opinion on this (feedback helps tremendously)

Put your headphones on for this one (really)”

BIT #2

Staying on the same page, as creativity. You most probably heard about The Webby Awards right?Awards that are nearly as old as the Internet itself, at least that what it seems (sic!), but seriously those guys are honoring the best of the Internet since 1997. This year there is even this AI, Metaverse & Virtual separate category and we are stoked to share that one of the artists we’ve been true fans of, Nicolas Neubert (@iamneubert) have been named a Webby Honoree in the category “Best Use of AI.

“I am extremely honored to share that together with GENESIS, I have been named a Webby Honoree in the category “Best Use of AI.” It has been unreal seeing the love and recognition for this pivotal moment in my career. A huge thank you to @TheWebbyAwards for recognizing my work!”

Congratulations Nicolas! It’s inspiring to witness your remarkable journey as an immensely creative individual who has found their voice through AI. Big up!

For those of you who have not seen the Genesis, you can easily catch up here.

BIT #3

As humans, we possess a peculiar inclination to personify objects and concepts. When we contemplate aliens, we often envision humanoid beings. When considering a deity, some envision an elderly figure with a long, silver beard. Similarly, when we think of AI, many immediately conjure images of robots. This tendency might stem from our innate inclination to anthropomorphize objects or concepts as a way to better comprehend or connect with the world around us. We are good at this. We humans, thus it’s time to meet Figure 1, the world’s first commercially-viable autonomous humanoid robot by Figure, an AI Robotics company. Coffee is not the only thing it serves.

We’ve designed our world for the human form. Hands allow us to open doors and use tools; arms and legs allow us to move efficiently, climb stairs, lift boxes, and more.

Figure 01 brings together the dexterity of the human form and cutting edge AI to go beyond single-function robots and lend support across manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail.”

BIT #4

Last but not least. This is something truly exceptional! Imagine a camera, but one that does not take pictures but instead composes poems on the basis of what it captured. Unreal, right?! Well, it exists. Invented and made by the duo of kelin & ryan has just taken a separate place in our heart. Check it out here.

Thank you iancc_wip for sharing this one.