56 amazing artists, 250 high-value prompts and images, 1 book, a book of spells! Though it may seem to be the craziest idea ever, it is what it is, and we do love it, truly!

AI BITS: AI made me do it…

Without AI, neither would this text be written, nor would you be reading it. The great neo-noir experiment by FERA, the Figure 1, Poetry Camera, and even the inclusion of an AI category in the 2024 Webby Awards would not have come to life.

RUNWAYS Creative Dialogues

New mediums, artistic intent and the similarities between gardening and generative AI. Blob futures, permission to be weird, and what futures AI image tools prescribe. How does that sound?! Tune in.

AI BITS: Stealth photography, camera toss, Space Aesthetic Mockups and using moodboards in prompting.

How-to guide for those who may have missed highly valuable threads on creative prompting techniques shared by some of the most active AI heads out there.

AI BITS: All things multi! Motion, replacement, deblurring and prompting.

Every now and then everybody needs to go to bed and have some good night sleep, but whenever this happens, the generative AI just hits new level…and so it happens this time.

AI BITS: RunwayML, Midjourney, AnyDoor & DomoAI – the ride we’ve taken and where we are.

“Look at you…you’ve grown a lot since last summer, haven’t you?” we all must have heard it at least once, but have we really noticed how much we’ve grown in fact, if any. This is always tricky…to tell the difference. In order to get it right, you need to compare. And this is exactly what we are going to do.

AI BITS: 1stAI Machine, The saving powers of Runway Gen-2’s text-to-video, LEGO needs & GONE

We’re so gone watching GONE time and time again that the only thing we dream about now is getting our hands on 1stAI Machine and becoming creator ourselves. What will be next?


Every now and then generative AI makes us rethink some of the essential ideas behind well known concepts, sometimes it’s just teasing, sometimes it can really blow some minds. Let’s have some fun today…it’s Halloween.

AI BITS: AI The World’s First AI Documentary, the first Generative AI art in MoMA & Cat ears in space.

How does it feel to be the first? Let’s ask some of todays BITs talented artists, Curious Refuge, a home for AI filmmakers, or an accomplished visual artist Refik Anadol. They know.

AI BITS: MEGA MEGA PIXELS of UPSCALING, Spotify’s Deep real voiceovers, Meta’s bet on Snoop Dogg, the scary/incredible live show visuals

Todays bits are about pushing the boundaries, again, the ones of image quality, voiceovers, sound and live visuals. Pinch us pls, are we dreaming?!