56 amazing artists, 250 high-value prompts and images, 1 book, a book of spells! Though it may seem to be the craziest idea ever, it is what it is, and we do love it, truly! Who said you can’t print the AI out, at least a piece of it. Yes you can! On that opportunity we have actually discovered we are print freaks too! Why? Here it is:

“Spells will be a high-end print product. The cover will be made of highly reflective 320gsm Splendorlux Mirror Argento by Fedrigoni, including a special holographic foil embossing on the front, back, and spine.

The idea is to create the sensation of Spells Volume I being an object from another dimension, seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds, embodying qualities of both a book and a device.”

But why would you even print prompts out, one may ask. Instead of the semi-automatic copy paste procedure, try typing them on your own. The authors claim it makes the whole experience way different. So, by presenting these prompts in a physical book and prompting individuals to enter them by hand, the objective is to inspire creativity and the cultivation of original ideas, rather than mere replication of outputs. At the same time, it evokes nostalgia for the classic appeal of coffee table books, offering a refreshing alternative to endless phone scrolling by providing an opportunity to savor the stunning prints. Beyond its exquisite design and meticulous curation, the authors ensured it upholds authentic artistic values, transcending mere reference material. Notably, none of the prompts mention living artists, reflecting the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence. Cheers to that!

The people behind the Spells, namely RAM Studio and Max Kuwertz, claim that AI stands out as perhaps the most pertinent tool of our era for image creation. However, despite the prevalence of AI-generated images, only a select few have truly mastered its capabilities. The chosen creative minds are as follows, feel kindly invited to visit their portfolios:

From some of the most renowned people in the current fields of AI, such as Stephan Vasement, Niceaunties, Stavros G. Sgouros and Ida Rasouli Saani, to established professionals in other categories, like Studio Brasch, Neo-Metabolism, Manuel Schaffernak or Dmitry Zakharov, Spells delivers a full spectrum of AI talent, including lesser-known yet inspiring gems like Human Artefacts, Brutal Integral, Neon or Diverge in Detail.

Every single contributor has been carefully selected, delivering the most diverse selection of perspectives on image-generative AI today. Convince yourself of the quality of all other pioneers’ work by clicking on each name: 1v14c1111ve, Aljoscha Burtchen, Art Crime, Bengt Tibert, Betuel Benitez, Beyond Human, Carl Herner, Chucky Schuster, Clint Soren, Dinamo, Dolor Puritan, H.S. Wren, Hany Braisch, Horrorvacuai, Hugo Bruvry, In Vitro Intelligenza, Jason Hsu, Jess MacCormack, Jillian Hobbs, Joana Céline, Jono Kilefors, Jumoke Fernandez, Kurt Heuvens, LeMoon, Living Systems, Marius Jopen, Marie Lautsch, Mary-Ann Weber, Max Kuwertz, Menno Fokma, Modem, Olly Bromham, Ossagrosse, Palam, Pierre Zandrowicz, RAM, Robert Świerczyński, Ronen Becker, Raul Suciu, Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Shahriar Assadi, Simbayu, Technicolora and Yannik Rohloff.

The Kickstarter of Spells is available here. If you are interested you may get hold of your copy at your earliest convenience. Spells may sell out fast.