BIT #1

Calling all Flappy Bird fanatics, are you live and kicking? AI has just created a clone in one-shot and it was a dead simple prompt as the creator Mich Choi (@minchoi) says. For those of you who may not remember the super-hyped game, here is a quick gist.

Flappy Bird was a mobile game created by Dong Nguyen in 2013. It became hugely popular due to its simple yet challenging gameplay where players navigate a bird through pipes by tapping the screen. The game went viral, big time, in early 2014 but was shortly afterwards removed by the creator himself because of its addictive nature and the sudden fame it brought. Despite its short lifespan, Flappy Bird left a lasting impact on mobile gaming and inspired many imitators.

Apparently AI included. In his recent X post, Mich Choi (@minchoi) admitted he made an attempt to recreate the infamous bird with the use of AI. Here is what happened.

“Flappy Bird clone was created using im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot with the following prompt: PROMPT: Code Flappy Bird game in Python
And the 3 PNG files for assets were provided.”

and the result:

Looking forward to seeing the new Mario Kart inspired clones, or some sort of The Great Giana Sisters being brought to life.

BIT #2

It’s official: first ever official music video made with OpenAI’s Sora is here and it’s not Drake. Washed Out took the leap forward and their four-minute long music video for their latest single, “The Hardest Part,” was made entirely with OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora.

The storyline is simple, it follows a couple’s romantic journey from high school into adulthood, quickly moving through scenes hinting at their wedding, raising children, and ultimately their passing. What is worth mentioning here is that even though it may not be the first ever music video made by AI, see the amazing Vultures by Kanye West, it is for sure the first one that long made with Sora. Looking forward when it goes public.

““What [Trillio’s, the director] come up with is nostalgic, sad, uplifting, and often quite strange. However, he still manages to make you feel for the characters and invested in the journey of how their lives progress,” Washed Out wrote, adding, “In my opinion, the hallucinatory quality of Sora clips feel like the beginning of a new genre unto itself — one that is surreal and unpredictable and entirely unique to traditional cinema or even animation.”

“The Hardest Part” by Washed Out / Director & Editor: Paul Trillo

BTW. Make sure to follow Paul Trillo’s account on X, as it is a great source of inspiration and news from the verge of the AI, VFX, art and many more.

Should you be interested in how-to achieve results like the ones from Kanye West & Ty Dolla$ign’s AI music video like they did in “Vultures” check out the great tutorial on YT by The Reel Robot.

BIT #3

Do you know how to use the new Midjourney website? Like really know? Midjourney has been developing a new web app for generating artificial intelligence images for several months, and it is now becoming more accessible to users. Previously, accessing the Midjourney AI generator bot required a Discord account, which provided control over image generation parameters but wasn’t the most user-friendly experience. Now, users who have generated at least 100 images with the Discord-based Midjourney bot can use the new web-based tool instead. Have you tried? You may want to see the tutorial by one of followed by us generative AI advocates, designer, AI explorer and prompt curator Dogan Ural (@doganuraldesign).

How to use the new Midjourney Web? I see many of you’re excited for the new website, but you might not know how to use some hidden features.
  1. How to use the hidden ‘Describe’?
  2. How to see the history of an image?
  3. How to batch download images?
  4. How to organize images?
  5. How to change aspect ratio?
  6. How to quickly access last used prompts?
  7. How to use image prompts?
  8. How to use blend?
  9. How to hide/unhide images?
  10. How to go way back in archive?”

Please visit Dogan Ural’s thread on X here to get to know all the listed topics. Amazing job!