You’ll wish you lived here. The Visual Dome.

There exists a world unlike any previously conceived. At first glance, it may seem strikingly familiar. However, upon closer examination, the initial impression can be misleading. Gravity, upright posture and likely oxygen-based respiration are among the few traits shared with “our” world. Beyond these similarities lies a myriad of nuances.

In this realm, innovation thrives boundlessly, and creativity knows no bounds. Time operates on a different plane, free from our conventional constraints. Here, distinctions of race, color, or sexuality dissolve, and attention to detail is paramount for its inhabitants. Individuality is celebrated fervently, with everyone embracing their unique style.

This world embodies a retro-futuristic utopia, functioning much like our own Earth with its laws, societal structures, evolutionary processes, inventions, love, transportation, occupations, education, leisure activities, wildlife, delicate ecosystems, and reverence for Mother Nature. Every aspect is meticulously crafted, emphasizing the importance of fine detail.

“Everyone and everything within the Dome is a little unusual, personalities, technology, materials, animals, but you can’t put your finger on it. You can see it, hear it, feel it and taste it but you can’t describe it. It’s as if this world is designed and orchestrated by a higher being to tantalise the senses. It’s an audio and visual cacophony.”

You’ll wish you lived here. Welcome to The Dome.

If you wish to move in there, you shall begin your journey with The Test. Here is why: The Dome is made up of 5 Districts. Bloodlines dictate residential and wealth status, they also grant or take away the right of free travel and make sure you hang out with your own people. Thus, get to know where you belong and let’s move on. You can take the test here.

We’re District 3, in case you wonder.

“You’re a D3 resident. You’ve chosen a District that thrives on diversity, creative expression, and a true love for AI pets. If you love tech goggles, subway submarine systems and Waveform Girls then you picked right. If not, tough luck, this is your home now.

Congratulations on a life of adventure, lifestyle balance and a positive outlook.

We salute you!”

Explore the map of The Dome along with its various districts, acquaint yourself with their capital cities, unique characteristics, climates, features, and inhabitants here. It’s an endeavor well worth your time, much like any other aspect within The Dome. The project by TR embodies a comprehensive concept, executed with exceptional skill and captivating storytelling mastery. In an interview, the creator shared a brief insight into their motivation behind this creation. We salute you TR for your remarkable work.

“I wanted to create an alternate world where everyone felt welcome, irrelevant of who they are. A place we can lose ourselves, escape the stress and anxiety we all feel too much in this day and age, even if it’s for a fleeting minute. With five districts, each quite different from each other, I feel it gives everyone a place to connect to. Without coming across as cocky, I believe the concept worked.”

source: web

We are especially in love with one very unusual yet extremely creative concept of headgear. Apparently, within The Dome over 80% of residents wear some type of head covers, masks, helmets, all sorts of stuff on their heads. “Some type” means headgear that is out of this world, like literally and metaphorically. Is it available for purchase anywhere?

“Smart dressed, especially in District 1, 2 & 3 with everything from an ai pet outfit to the collar of a Sunday suit having its own unique Dome finesse. Colour choice is also key, a specific palette is echoed throughout all districts, all homes, all possessions.”

You may have noticed we mentioned storytelling a few lines up the article, and we did that on purpose. It’s not merely the typical ‘short story behind’ an individual showcased in an Instagram post. Instead, it comprises a collection of short stories available for reading on The Dome website. If there’s one thing we’d urge you to invest your time in, it would be this. Take the plunge and dive deep there. Get ready for total immersion in 3, 2, 1…

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