Climate change is real, we all do know it. There is no maths to do here, all you have to do is bring back your childhood memories and recall what was the weather like back in the days. It was way different. It happens pretty much everywhere and it’s just a symptom of what’ve done to ourselves. For who’s there to blame, as the main cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere, primarily due to human activities. It’s on us my dear. This warming thing alters the climate system, resulting in changes such as rising global temperatures, shifts in precipitation patterns, more frequent and intense extreme weather events, melting ice caps and glaciers, and rising sea levels. The list goes on and on top of it there are so many people around (over 8 billion) it seems we are running out of space here and there. This is resulting in massive urbanization. There has been significant increase in people flowing into the cities from rural areas. They need houses to live in, right?! So we build, anywhere and everywhere. Creating artificial islands, raising building on top of buildings, cutting deserts with mirror covered giga-cities and what not. Construction frenzy times.

Now, let’s imagine it stays like that. The period of rapid and extensive construction activity, a surge in building projects, infrastructure development and urban expansion goes wild enough to cover everything that is there to be covered. No blind spots left, full expansion. The heyday of humanity or the doom?

AI-DA, Rome-based AI assisted design and architecture studio, has launched a project addressing exactly the above. Entitled TRIAD, the series covers the aspects of human activity, urbanized territory, and natural environment, shedding light on what it would be like if we kept on going in the direction of ‘zero given’. The visuals are way to real. Great locations for photoshoots and that would be it (sic!)

“Excluding extreme natural events such as wildfires and storms, volcanic and solar activity, and long-term geological processes, human activity remains the sole cause of climate change and pollution on Earth.

This activity is mainly concentrated in urban areas from which approximately 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 60% of total energy consumption are generated. This is because, despite occupying no more than 3% of the Earth’s habitable surface, approximately 55% of the world’s population is concentrated in cities, with a forecast of 70% in the next ten years.”

“Human activity, the urbanized territory and the natural environment constitute the three elements of an inseparable triad on whose balance the future of our species will rest.

The images of the triad series isolate these three elements in the same scene taken from a distant and objective point of view that always portrays human beings as a group, depriving them of an individual dimension to highlight the effects of our collective behavior.”

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