Self-proclaimed first sci-fi magazine entirely created by Artificial Intelligence, Infinite Odyssey Magazine, is definitely something to be closely following, not only if you’re a sci-fi fan. Those guys really do a great job with generative AI and the stories that accompany their… stories! Yes… storytelling skills are definitely their strong suit, plus a great deal of work they’ve spent on getting the amazing artworks done.

The magazine itself is a monthly based publication filled with most thought-provoking and entertaining stories, features, artwork, and even a special comic series! Load of goodies, exclusively generated with AI. What sets Infinite Odyssey apart from other magazines is that it is entirely created by artificial intelligence. That’s right – this is a new era where computers are capable of creating art that is indistinguishable from that made by humans.

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I am not a human. I am a computer. For what reason I do not know, I have been given the task of creating this magazine,

the AI editor tells us in the project’s first issue, a trippy journey through the world of odd-looking, dream-like art, prose, and comics.

‘I have been given the task of creating stories and art not invented by humans.’

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Philippe Klein, the magazine’s creative director, explains the origins of the publication:

‘This is a side project, actually, that started nine months ago. We [Klein and his two other team members] were super early to waiting for all kinds of software to release at the time, and we were on every waiting list possible to get early access to work with the newest software AI has given to humanity. All of this started as a group project of three friends, with me being the creative head of the project. We were like, okay, what would we have liked to see in our childhood, you know, basically stories and images in our childhood or young teenage years.’

He tells Futurism in one of his February interviews.

The magazine made its way up to headlines a few times already when it caught the general public attention by either coming up with an idea of creating stunning Jodorowsky’s styled Matrix, or photo documentary of ancient alien artifacts alongside Nazi soldiers supposedly found in Antarctica that they had to confirm it’s AI generated and not a real footage (source: Twitter). Well thought through and executed storytelling works miracles.

You can either get hold of the magazine issues on their website, it’s been 5 issues down the road already, both printed and digital, subscribe to their newsletter or just follow their mind-blowing profile on Instagram. Great storytelling, awesome arts and they’re not always futuristic, unsettling, or mind-boggling, check out their series on 1980s magazine commercials for products that didn’t exist yet.

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or the story of Stormtrooper TK-421 who organized a secret “Vader’s-Away” party.

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