AI BITS: 1000 days w/ Midjourney, Medium Tips, Sketches, ‘simcity’ nostalgia and AR Tetris

BIT #1

Midjourney is like some kind of a superpower, if you know how to use it you will succeed in getting what you want, however if you’re unaware of its capabilities then you will sooner or later be gone ‘up the river without a paddle’, or look like the lil wannabe-spiderman kid in Spider-Man Universum. But, we’re here to help, or to be precise spread the word or two about other super-humans who share their precious knowledge about the superpower, like Chase Curtis (@realchasecurtis) a curious human, who has posted on Twitter some of his findings related to prompting the Midjourney with the art mediums that AI actually knows how to handle, i.e.

Pencil/Ink Mediums
„Sketch” or „Pencil Art” – Fine lines and shading.
„Marker Art” – Vibrant colors and bold lines.
„Graphite” – Smooth, erasable pencil strokes.
„Crayon” – Bright colors and wax-based marks.

Physical Mediums
„Egyptian Faience” – Glazed ceramic art.
„Stoneware” – Durable, stone-made pottery.
„Bone China” – Fine, translucent ceramic.
„Ornament” – Decorative art objects.

There’s more to it! Visit the thread here to get the whole list, and make sure you don’t miss his super useful tutorials on variety of useful Midjourney v5 prompting techniques – here. It’s a real gem.

BIT #2

500 Days of Summer… have you seen it? That’s some old school vibe, today we could be watching something like 1000 Days of Midjourney, for this is exactly what Tatiana Tsiguleva (@ciguleva) is on! Digital artist and Head of Design at Vial is on a Midjourney 1000 days trip to get the most out of generative AI and she is one to be watched for sure! On a daily basis Tatiana is sharing her learnings and prompts on Twitter. One of the most enjoyable thread and of a great educational value we have recently stumbled upon is where she is putting up her top creations along with the prompts.

artist: @ciguleva / source: Twitter

‘The best prompts I’ve ever created. The thread will be continuously updated.

That’s some great way to be part of the AI revolution. Tremendous work to get inspiration from for anybody interested in the generative AI. Don’t worry you’re not that way behind, Tatiana has still a long walk to go… it’s day 72, today! Jump in here.

BIT #3

One AI provocateur, called fons (@fons_ai), you better watch out for this one, has raised the bar most definitely. How? Well, San Diego-based, surrealism artist, Lucas Fonseca has found a great way to use his sketching skills, Midjourney, and Photoshop post-production to create art in his very own style! And by saying ‘his style’ we mean it, it is a very important part of the process.

What he did was:

1) draw seed image on iPad (left)
2) throw and spin it with Midjourney
3) finish on Photoshop (color grading and cleaning minor‚ imperfections’)

artist:@fons_ai / source: Twitter

Lucas Fonseca is running a project entitled ‘Intuition’ that blends digital painting, digital manipulation, and A.I. together in a surrealistic style. That’s another way of staying on top of the game, art game!

BIT #4

We are getting a but nostalgic today, but do you remember Simcity?! What a breakthrough for the gaming world was that, and the views! Now you can get your own neighborhood styled the isometric way, cause that is what those kind of visuals are called. One and only Javi Lopez (@javilopen), with whom you should be familiar with by now, prompted Midjourney with some Miami isometric vibe. How cool is this.

artist: @javilopen / prompt: view of urban street in miami, in the style of james gilleard, anime-influenced, soft, dreamy scenes, go nagai, isometric, reefwave, soft outlines –ar 3:2 –niji 5 / source: Twitter

Last time we checked it took days for the designers to get such visuals. Now it’s a matter of seconds. Thank you Javi Lopez. Welcome to SimMiamiCity.

BIT #5

Augmented Reality + ChatGPT + Midjourney, that should be a million-dollar combination. Is I▲N CURTIS (@XRarchitect) rich yet? We don’t know, but we do know that he has come up with an extraordinary version of Tetris, while on a train (sic!) A must-see!

artist: @XRarchitect / source: Twitter

We are just speechless, therefore we are just going to leave the floor to the author:

Recreated Tetris in Augmented Reality during my commute on the train to and from work yesterday using ChatGPT 4. Total development time: 1 hour.

Here’s the breakdown:
54 min: Game Logic (this was a back and forth dialogue in which gpt4 planned out the best approach to take and wrote 100% of the game logic)
6 min: Game Aesthetics (generated a neon grid texture from midjourney and applied to an <a-plane> in the scene)