AI BITS: AI The World’s First AI Documentary, the first Generative AI art in MoMA & Cat ears in space.

BIT #1

The AI film making is going to be a whole new industry, there is hardly any doubt about this and one very creative studio, a home for AI filmmakers, online AI filmmaking course host and a group of professional educators, Curious Refuge has just proven the point. The filmmakers has just released the world’s first ever AI documentary and it doesn’t look a tiny bit creepy. The consistency in style, color correction, the narrative, sound, all plays together really well. The story of their choice is yet another good move of the creators. Bull’s eye. Do you know the story of Milli Vanilli? This is a short AI doc explaining the bizarre (but true) story behind one of the greatest scandals in pop music history. Grab a tiny popcorn cup and enjoy the doc.

BIT #2

A place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration – The Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA has just welcomed the first Generative AI and tokenized artwork into its esteemed permanent collection. Whose the artist then? It’s LA/Istanbul-based visual artist Refik Anadol who happened to be exhibiting his incredible artwork entitled Unsupervised at the museum throughout the last year. On X he wrote:

Dear friends,
I’m deeply honored to announce that our artwork Unsupervised has been acquired by MoMA and is now in the museum’s permanent collection! This acquisition marks a grand milestone in our studio’s journey and also for digital art. It inscribes a historic chapter as MoMA welcomes the first Generative AI and tokenized artwork into its esteemed permanent collection.

I am infinitely grateful to our curators Michelle Kuo, Paola Antonelli, and Stuart Comer for their wisdom and the entire MoMA team’s genuine support and collaboration since the beginning of the project. We are also profoundly thankful to our collectors, Ryan Zurrer, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, and Desiree Casoni, and NVIDIA for supporting our journey.

For almost a year now, our artwork brought the museum audience joy, inspiration, and hope! Thank you, New York and all the visitors of MoMA from my heart!

artist: Refik Anadol / source: X

Whos’ next?

BIT #3

Cats Eears are in space! We found them. On the other side of the Internet we have found a proof. It is incredibly well designed, very convincing and designed by using only prompts and AnimateDiff. Just imagine a whole comic book like this. That would be remarkable achievement, if not a milestone for the comic industry. Ladies and gentlemen, a story of Cat Ears exploring space by 鳥篭

artist: 鳥篭 / toolkit: AnimateDiff / source: X