AI BITS: Back to the 80’s gaming era, flood your city, photo booth tutorial and the Monster Mayhem baby chibi style.

BIT #1

Gaming it is, ladies and gentlemen. Programming a game is one thing, complicated enough for many not to even take a chance at it, but creating the artworks is a completely different thing. It is pretty much unimaginable to be able to do it solo. Until now… when solo, means you know how to code and use AI as one of the tools for the concept and artwork. If you are lucky enough to remember the one and only Prince of Persia you can now pretty much travel back in time and bring it back to live. Framer (@0xFramer) hits again, the cool animations creator strikes back with a game concept made using Midjourney + PS Gen Fill + After Effects only. How? As one of Framer’s followers (@MillerioAI) summarised correctly:

1. Background, characters, and items generated with Midjourney. 
2. Characters were probably separated into different parts for the animation.
3. PS Gen Fill to extend the background and corrections (?)
4. After Effects to animate characters and background.”

Take a look! 

artist: @0xFramer / toolkit: Midjourney, PS Gen Fill, Adobe After Effects/ source: X

Then follow the pinned thread on his X profile here and make your game dreams come true! PRESS START.

BIT #2

An automated, usually coin-operated, standalone camera and film processor, otherwise known as a photo booth is still alive and kicking. Hard to believe isn’t it? In the all-things-digital era, those relics of the past are luckily not going anywhere. The sentiment on this is really big. If you want to come out and play, you can try to find one at your place, use any of the numerous photobooth-alike mobile apps out there, or use the generative AI. Of course! The incredibly talented Julie W. Design (@juliewdesign_) shared a super fun tutorial on YT on how-to-photo-booth in Midjourney and keep the characters consistent! It’s a blast, a one from the past.

“short and sweet”

artist: Julie W. Design / source: YouTube

BIT #3

Modelling, to be precise the 3D one, is undergoing a crazy transformation thanks to AI and the softwares like LumaAI. As one of the X users (amit) has accurately pointed out „As we make 3D ubiquitous, we will be able to show and communicate things about the world in the medium of our reality. How is that? If you want to see how your city would look like when completely flooded, just send out a drone, 3d model it and get it under water. No need for a few months-worth workload, just a few hours. You may want to see it for yourself.

r/nextfuckinglevel 3D scanned their hometown using a drone, LumaAI software, and Unreal Engine. They then simulated rising sea levels flooding the town. The process took around 40 minutes to create the 3D model and an hour to set up the scene in Unreal Engine. The software used (LumaAI and Unreal Engine) is free”

artist: r/nextfuckinglevel / source: reddit

BIT #4

Cuteness overload! You’ve been warned… “say hi to Frankie, The Mummy, The Count, Wolfie & Gil-man”. BTW. We’ve actually adopted the Wolfie already, belly rubs and long walks under the full moon guaranteed. You can get yours too. Thank you the almighty Dave Villalva (@DaveJWVillalva). You rock!

artist: Dave Villalva / toolkit: images Midjourney, animation: RunwayML’s Gen2 Text/Image to Video generator / source: X

BIT #5

Last but not least, it’s スト! Do you know what that Japanese word stands for? It’s the ultimate, best-ever, cult Street Fighter series, or actually an unofficial side wanna-be sequel that is the Celebrity Street Fighter, by u/Technical_Ideal9. How awesome would that be? Just /imagine! For now, it’s just that fun part when you actually pick your player. Who’s your favorite?

artist: u/Technical_Ideal9 / source: reddit