BIT #1

Have you seen a movie called The Rocker? Yes, we know it’s super old-school, dates back to as far as 2008, but still. It tells a story of a drummer who is abandoned by his band just before they become rock superstars. Fast forward twenty years, he gets his second chance. Nevermind the plot, back then it was fun. What was fun too, was one famous line by a character called Matt while looking at his sporting A&F top to bottom friend: „Are you kidding me? Look at him, it’s like Abercrombie is making people now.” Fast forward 15 years and it looks like AI is making people now. We have found a human generator. You can play God too, use it here.

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BIT #2

Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, The Wind Rises, The Red Turtle, we’re still on a movie path here, as you may have noticed, this time it’s animated. All of the above productions were highly successful full-length productions by a Japanese studio founded in 1985 by animated film directors Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli. The studio garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim from film critics and animation specialists around the world. If you’re new to the Ghibli animations you should definitely catch up. Get yourself a box of handkerchiefs first. Today we would like to show you a tribute to the studio and to the childhood memories, touchy as them Ghibli’s production. This one is AI-generated, of course it is human made, from direction to post production by Dmitry Alekseev (@ai_filmmaker), but how crazy we went as far as to see things like that being done.

“…mix of 2d hand drown animation and after effects. And Rotoscoped Ghibli Studio animation. All backgrounds is midjourney.”

as the author himself admits.

artist: @ai_filmmaker / source: X

BIT #3

This should do!

AI video is getting insanely good!

artist: Ingi Erlingsson / source: X

Here’s 1/3 of a music video for Baddadan by Chase & Status Ingi Erlingsson (@ingi_erlingsson) made in 3 hours using MidJourney and Gen-2. The talented author also shared the process he went through to get that stunning result:

“Create a bunch of stills (maybe ~200 for this clip) in MidJourney, each with slight variations or themes.

Here’s an amalgamation of what I used: “A Dutch angle photo of a model walking through/standing in front of/on top of a car/supermarket/bodega/abandoned building at night in a scene from a music video directed by Harmony Korine —ar 3:2”

Then take each clip and bring it into @runwayml’s gen-2 (available as a mobile app, but the desktop app is much easier to use for this).

Run through as “image to video” without a prompt (prompt would override the source image) and repeat as needed until you get a good result.
Then bring all the clips into your favourite editing app (I used Adobe After Effects), cut out all the AI weirdness, edit to music and adjust colours as needed.”

Check out the whole thread here. We are in love! Trippy at its best <3

BIT #4

Has anybody said trippy?

“Just a microdose” by the Zealot of Valuable Artistic Expression – BLΛ (@bl_artcult).

artist: BLΛ / source: X