BIT #1

Have you ever tried getting tarot cards read to you? It’s a very unique experience, could sometimes be a life changing one, however, we were always a bit drifted sideways to being more focused on the design of the cards themselves, not really that much on what they say. Now, imagine you can design your own tarot cards set, and even submit it as a challenge entry. This is exactly what Mint (@araminta_k), the designer of the amazing Älvdansen Tarot and a leading AI artist at Scenario AI-drive gaming assets creator, asked for on Twitter recently. Couldn’t be more happy to follow the thread and see the contest entries. Take a look at some of them below.

artist: @FedeDedeu / prompt: a top down view of a modern beautifully designed and illustrated tarot card representing lovers. Major arcana, highly detailed and intricate. Matte laminated, metallic foil, embossing, gilding, spot varnish, beta finish –ar 2:3 –s 500 –c 25 –uplight –v 4 / source: Twitter

artist: @MillyStale / source: Twitter

artist: @Zerepolik / source: Twitter

Make sure to check out the thread and maybe even submit your own works. Magical one.

BIT #2

What happens when you use a tool not in a way that the devs really wanted? It could be fun too, if it’s artistic enough like AmliArt’s (@amli_art) Trippy Kaiber use. She is definitely one to be followed, a precious AI educator, and a very creative mind. Check out the video below.

artist: @amli_art / source: Twitter

It is based on Neural radiance fields (in short NeRFs) and it’s a technique that generates 3D representations of an object or a scene from 2D images by using advanced machine learning. There you go. Glitches are fun too, aren’t they?

artist: @amli_art / source: Twitter

BIT #3

‘Hey Midjourney, describe some logos please.’ FofrAI, designer, developer and AI enthusiast (@fofrAI) had a bit of fun with the descriptive visual prompting and… branding. What happens is Midjourney uses the „describe” function where the network sort of interprets the logo prompted in a form of an image, tells you what prompt to use in order to get it, so you can run it yourself and see those, for example:

artist:@fofrAI / prompt: starbucks, dark white and light emerald, distinctive noses, the san Francisco renaissance., contest winner, tachisme, feminine empowerment, transavanguardia / source: Twitter

Make sure to check out fofrAI’s YouTube channel full of great tutorials, experiments and guides on using AI, AI art, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT!

BIT #4

Multiprompting, did you hear about it? One of the leading AI activists, designer and super creative mind did! Nick St. Pierre (@nickfloats) worked his way through this in a way where we could all benefit from. He elaborated on his past creatives and tried to combine 3 of them in one single prompt in Midjourney. How? Well, it is possible to have the bot consider two or more separate concepts individually. Why? Because separating prompts allows you to assign relative importance to parts of a prompt.

Here are the three prompts Nick combined together:

artist: @nickfloats/ prompt: 1960s medium-full off-center shot, 35 mm Kodachrome film still, capturing a Japanese woman peacing out and waving down a taxi, wearing a gingham print dress made of silk, blue/white palette, accessorized by sleek pearl earrings, another moody late-night in Tokyo –ar 1:1 / source: Twitter

artist: @nickfloats/ prompt: 1980s spy movie, Medium closeup shot from low-angle, off-center, 35 mm film still shot on Kodachrome, a young Egyptian woman, brunette, standing in an Egyptian Art Deco Mansion with large columns made of black marble, wearing a stunning black sequin dress, inside, daytime, natural lighting, retro. She’s guilty of something. –ar 3:2 / source: Twitter

artist: @nickfloats / prompt: 1990s glamour photo, medium overhead shot from above, sharp focus low-light photography shot on Fujifilm, capturing an Asian woman with tired eyes resting on a tufted couch, wearing a royal Versace sequin gown, luxurious Parisian mansion, dim chandelier lighting, elegant, glamorous, sophisticated royalty. It’s been a long night. –ar 16:9 / source: Twitter

And this is what he got in return when reinforced the above. The results are more than amazing.

artist: @nickfloats / multiprompting / source: Twitter

You can read more about multi prompting here: Midjourney Multi Prompts. If you are interested in more of the great stuff Nick does, make sure to join his Discord server: Nick Floats