BIT #1

There’s just one legitimate synonym for Friday: Boom Shakalaka. Having said that we would like to welcome you on board of the DJ’s evolution. /it’s a draft title, mind you/ The hyper active AI community at The Daily Ai have published an MJ work that fits the Friday mood perfectly.

“Asked Midjourney to Create DJ’s dropping beats throughout history”

Turn on, tune in, drop out

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You have to see the rest of the times yourself here. We are soooo in love with this!

BIT #2

What makes human-made art different from AI generated art? That is the question. The more people we ask the more answers we are going to get, but one of them happens to come up quite often. It’s the “emotions” they talk about, or the lack of them to be precise. Since everybody know AI is not able to feel, therefore AI generated art is emotionless, right? Well, not exactly. Watch me!

charlesai kudos to you for bringing that up.

“You can diss ai art all you want but just seing the amount of discourse and cope this piece has produced, you cannot say ai art can’t create emotions for the viewer.”

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and one more.

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“Copy that humans!” AI could have been saying.

BIT #3

Following the report coming from Rowan Cheung we would like to spread the word also that we think might be huge to the number of people that will be soon super fluent in using generative AI, and we’re talking teenagers, or even kids, like some of ours. Roblox is about to onboard over 200M people to AI. Why the number? Well, this is how many users there are. What is the onboarding about?

“They just revealed a new AI chatbot called Roblox Assistant, allowing creators build virtual worlds just by typing prompts. What’s even more fascinating, is that over 43% of Roblox users are under the age of 13.”

There we go! In 2 years time, the world will look so different from wat we have expected it to be.

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BIT #4

Two BITS at once, one: have you ever wanted to have a twin? Who haven’t. Like we always thought about passing on the worst tasks to them; homework was always first on the list, writing exams second! You can get one now, and your parents won’t be necessary. Holly Herndon, an an American artist and composer and true boundary pusher, listed recently as one of the 100 Most Influential People in AI 2023 by The Time Magazine (that’s a second BIT), just got herself a digital twin. What it do? Anything you want, just like in our back-in-the-old-days dreams, well almost. Meet Holly +

“The custom voice instrument and website by Never Before Heard Sounds allows for anyone to upload polyphonic audio and receive a download of that music sung back in Herndon’s distinctive voice.”

Herndon says of Holly+

Vocal deepfakes are here to stay. A balance needs to be found between protecting artists, and encouraging people to experiment with a new and exciting technology. That is why we are running this experiment in communal voice ownership. The voice is inherently communal, learned through mimesis and language, and interpreted through individuals. In stepping in front of a complicated issue, we think we have found a way to allow people to perform through my voice, reduce confusion by establishing official approval, and invite everyone to benefit from the proceeds generated from its use.

Holly+ lives here. Say hello from us!