AI BITS: Vogue Italia AI photoshoot, QR/AR/AI Codes, Night at the Museum, and AI talks: Joker meets Nietzsche.

BIT #1

QR codes are getting yet another revamp, if their advancement is getting a pace like this, then next year we’ll be all wearing them QR codes on our clothes unconsciously, most probably, or hopefully not. This one here is simply AI-generated QR code meets Augmented Reality. Who would have guessed?! I▲N CURTIS (@XRarchitect ), uploaded a mind-blowing video on his Twitter account. You may want to see it, everybody!

source: Twitter

‘This is a WebAR experience accessible to users by scanning an AI-generated QR code, which also functions as an image target for AR tracking. Try it out for yourself in thread.’

BIT #2

Let’s hang out a bit in the AR part of the world, shall we? This one here is a hell of a creative head: James Gerde (@gerdegotit), film maker X Photographer and an AI animator has added some life in to the still life, namely sculptures! Hercules pulling up to the party at Olympus! A Night at the Museum as we speak, who’s in?

artist: @gerdegotit / source: Instagram

BIT #3

Since the beginning of the AI revolution we have been lively debating on how to actual use the immense superpower of the generative AI by incorporating it in the everyday work. Some areas are easy to imagine, some really hard with a lot of room for improvements ahead. What we know is that it is going to be big, but we don’t know how! Some businesses are experimenting with AI and some have actually embraced it full profile, like the editorial world. Chad Nelson, you may have met before, he is the one responsible for CRITTERZ, first Dall-E generated short film, has used AI in fashion shoot collaboration. It seems he never sleeps, thus his recent accomplishments are groundbreaking.

First, his collab with VOGUE ITALIA on their recent fashion shoot. Working together with a photographer Carlijn Jacobs and the editorial team they have created and incredible photoshoot, starring Bella Hadid!

‘The vision for this project was to meld traditional high-end fashion photography with AI generative visuals. @vogueitalia partnered with acclaimed fashion photographer @carlijnjacobs to photograph @bellahadid in a series of designer looks and poses at an empty studio in New York City. From there, Carlijn and I utilized DALL-E to ideate, visualize and generate the backgrounds and extend the fashion. Within each photo (15 in total, including the 2-page foldout cover), we generated hundreds of images to get DALL-E to match Bella’s lighting and camera perspective so that we could build the wardrobe extensions and surrounding environments. The images range from realistic to surreal as we wanted to the showcase the extent of Dall.E’s visual capabilities.’

source: Instagram

‘One of my favorites from the series… as @bellahadid is wearing a @jw_anderson dress made from vintage computer keys. We then extended the dress with AI using @openaidalle (which introduced all the cables and other parts) and built the entire retro office setting from a series of prompts. Even the keyboard Bella is using to type was generated by Dall* E (I generated well over a 100 different keyboards to find the perfect one)”

source: Instagram

oh, and you know what? It’s in print!

Secondly, the incredibly talented artist went on to a higher level, from the photoshoot to the video, this time with Kim Alban.

‘Using some of the techniques I employed for VOGUE ITALIA, @kimalban and I teamed-up to try our own fashion editorial. However this time, Kim generated our model with AI and then we used Dall.E to design and integrate the backgrounds.

Her visual goal was stylized surrealism and mine to contrast with cool brutalist architecture. The combination makes for a fascinating study how the same “model” image can be transformed into wildly different thematic visuals.’

source: Instagram

Chapeaus bas! We are looking forward to hearing from you again. Will tomorrow work for you? 🙂

BIT #4

Desserts are nice, this one is like a dessert, for who wouldn’t like to listen to a podcast where Bill Gate is actually having a conversation with… Socrates?! For real, almost. Let’s call them AI conversations. For now, it’s just a novelty, funny bit, like Joker talking to Nietzsche, but it’s just the imagination that makes us walk the line here. If you want more, please visit the YT channel with the incredible AI talks here by @hanqing_me.

made by: @hanqing_me / source: Twitter

We’re just a tiny bit from living in the world of ‘Her’. Aren’t we?

artist: @justLV / source: Twitter