ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: The Brigadoon Dispatch

Enchanted hundreds of years ago, remaining unchanged and invisible to the outside world except for one very special day every hundred years when it could be seen and even visited by outsiders. On this day, Brigadoon, a mysterious idyllic, unaffected by time and remote from reality village, turns into a land of joy and happiness. You are all all invited to stay and join the celebration, but there is one very important thing you all shall keep in mind: if anyone leaves the village during this special day, then the miracle would be broken and it would mean the end for all of us! Those of you who happen to fall in love with Brigadoon may stay forever but only if they love another enough to give up the world outside. Are you ready? Come on in.

‘The pinnacle cats of the eastern range had evolved from long haired mountain sheep long ago. They spent their days balancing high up on the peaks getting plump on morsels of nutrients that floated by on the cool air currents. Human handlers had domesticated them for their mass of luxury fur — shearing it off when it was ripe, relieving the cats of the weight and selling the fur to the fashion brands operating in the valleys below. It was a symbiotic relationship that benefited both.’ / source: Instagram

‘The wolf dogs of the upper plateau were bred as triplets and raised as a pack to maximize their astute hunting abilities. They were second to none communicating telepathically with their handlers — providing the twin colonies an abundance of sustenance.’ / source: Instagram

‘They would congregate deep in the forest, standing silently erect. Their phallic headdresses had been handed down for generations and was a key component to the centuries old mating ritual. It was a puzzling tradition that had left anthropologists yearning for more.’ / source: Instagram

1: She was left meandering the arid landscape with nothing but her protective parachute to shield her from the heat dome – source: Instagram / 2: She would grab hold of drifting Scyphozoans to get carried away from reality on the passing air currents. – source: Instagram

1: They had both once been champions and now lived a life of luxury traveling the world regaling audiences with their exploits. However, during the rare quiet moments of their new lives, the stories that they now lived felt like lifetimes ago. – source: Instagram / 2: Similar to a seed vault, this kitten incubation bank contained thousands of unique specimens incase a global disaster knocked out the worlds population of felines – source: Instagram

We’re lucky enough to be receiving dispatches firsthand, from a talented and very reliable source Ryan Taylor, who works with vintage photographs and remixes them with the use of Photoshop and generative AI. Thanks to his incredible skills and imagination we are given a chance to take a sneak peek into the mesmerizing world of people who happen to live in a perfect harmony with their furry, extra fluffy, oversized animal friends that very often mirror their human caretakers. Magic. Thank you Sir. Looking forward to hearing.

‘The product launch went off in exuberant fashion in front of the historic Kennel Club headquarters. After much anticipation they announced the all-new purebred Self-Grooming Giant Golden Pomeranian. The SGGGP as they would become known were heralded as one of the greatest achievements in breeding since the failed lineage of Hairless Huskies. This time, the small inventory they had sold out in minutes.’ / source: Instagram