DALL·E 3 drawing superpowers

The great master of avant-garde filmmaker, Alejandro Jodorowsky, has once made a handbook of what a great story of Dune should be like. Like a hyper detailed walk through of what it should take to make the movie, who should be engaged and finally how the Dune world should look like. Jodorowsky has partnered for that purpose with the world famous and accomplished artist HR Giger, way before the latter got engaged in what he is most widely recognized for. There is an incredible documentary about this unbelievable story, a mind blowing glimpse into what might have been, for the production has never really started. When we saw the X thread of Chase Lean about how to utilize DALL·E 3 to make concept art for fantasy world we somehow instantly recalled the artworks for Alejandro’s DUNE, or J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. As Chase says: “you can use it to create images of characters, creatures and even locations with the same theme.” It goes like this:

“Black and white technical drawing showcasing a [nimble rogue thief with a hooded cloak, dual daggers, and various hidden tools]. Annotations detail [her stealth equipment and techniques].”

Check out the whole thread here to get to know how to master it completelyIt and see what other creators came up with. We bet you haven’t expected to see so much details in the artworks. Amazing!

artist: Chase Lean / source: X

artist: Ashraff Hathibelagal / source: X

artist: Hope Fourth / source: X

It seems that DALL·E 3 has mastered some superpowers when it comes to… drawing. Alvaro Cintas, Professor & Computer Engineer, has just shared his latest work on X, namely he created a game, using DALL•E 3 for all the graphics and GPT-4 for all the coding. As simple as that! Take a look a the lovely retro feel of Dr Cintas Adventure.

Alvar shared the whole behind-the-stage coverage of the process and it is wild! The generative software power is incredibly accurate and responsive to what it is being asked for. Below you can see the 3 prompts Alvar used to create this simple 2D game with a main hero and enemies appearing randomly. Game on.

1. Hero: “Pixel art chibi character set in a magical fantasy RPG context. Side view of a mage harnessing the power of wind. The mage’s robes flutter as if caught in a gentle breeze. This side view captures the character’s full profile from the tip of their nose to the back of their head. Front view shows the mage standing straight, looking forward, with wind swirling around them. Back view depicts the mage from the rear, with the design of the robes and hair flowing due to the wind magic they control.”

2. Enemy: “Pixel art chibi character set in a magical fantasy RPG context. Side view of an enemy designed to oppose the wind mage. This adversary harnesses the power of stone and earth. Their skin resembles rough, jagged rock. They are clad in armor made of compressed earth and gemstones, and their eyes glow a deep amber. Their stance is imposing, and they wield a heavy club made of dense stone. This side view captures the enemy’s full profile from the tip of their nose to the back of their head, emphasizing their sturdy and unyielding nature.”

3. Background: “Pixel art seamless horizontal background for a magical fantasy RPG game. The landscape depicts a dense jungle environment. The ground is horizontal, flat, and even, ideal for a character to run on. Towering trees line the backdrop with vines hanging down, and occasionally there are ancient stone statues peeking through the thick foliage. The left and right borders of the jungle connect seamlessly, providing an endless running path.”

source: X

Then he went to Chat GPT for coding. If you want to know the details and some extra tips on the process make sure to visit the thread here. The artist has promised to share the game link once he’s finished and happy with the final result. Looking forward to getting our hands on this.

In the meantime let’s have a mad laugh everybody, ok? The one and only Javi Lopez has made our evening turn into a a barrel of laughs after he has decided to change the general view on Middle Ages and remove a bad spell they had. Who said they were dark and dull? Huh? Javi got DALL·E 3 to whip up some medieval drawings with a modern twist, like anachronistic drawings but not. Top of the tops!

prompt: Drawing inspired by the art of medieval manuscripts, portraying a larger man in a serene countryside setting, engrossed in watching Netflix on an old-style device. / source: X

prompt 1: Drawing evoking the style of ancient manuscripts, with plump folks indulging in McDonald’s food, seated in a peaceful, stylized setting with ornate windows, represented in a manner reminiscent of medieval artistry / prompt 2: Drawing inspired by the art of medieval manuscripts, where a warrior, with his sword resting by his side, is engrossed in his mobile phone. The atmosphere is peaceful, with horses and trees represented in a flat and stylized manner /prompt 3: Drawing inspired by the art of medieval manuscripts, where a woman, engrossed in drinking a Coca-Cola, sits in a peaceful setting near an old TV. The atmosphere is serene, with horses and trees represented in a flat and stylized manner, reminiscent of ancient manuscripts / source: X

Epic! Now, go time travel to the Medievals and see what others did. It is incredible. Enjoy the ride here.