artist: Brian | Bri Guy AI / prompt: [subject] [location], 1970s, in the style of gritty hollywood glamour, pentax k1000, chaotic energy, kodak gold 200, dance, fujifilm neopan, les nabis –ar 128:71 –v 6.0 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: ur growth-mind bff / prompt: four women in colorful sweaters by jimmie chiang’s door, in the style of retro visuals, otherworldly, cyclorama, group f/64, low-angle, the snapshot aesthetic, nostalgic tone / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: TechHalla / prompt: Cyanotype effect on old photograph of a [subject and action] | nostalgic 70s | 35mm film still / toolkit: DreamshaperXL / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: close-up photo of a [YOUR OBJECT/SUBJECT], NYC –sref ::1 ::3 –ar 2:3 –style raw –v 6.0 –sw 1000 –s 200 / toolkit: references were generated in Midjourney 5.2 with a style tuner / source: X

artist: Felix Koutchinski / prompt: cyanotype, black haired woman in rural italy, in summer during rain, odd and experimental vibe, mountains in the background, head shot, 8k, ultra realistic, photorealistic, 1970s, paparazzi photo, analogue film, shifting colours, ambient lighting, / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Gizem Akdag / prompt: 35 mm photo, disneyland, [year], [character] with children –ar 3:2 –stylize 50 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ + / source: X

artist: Allen T / prompt: A muted black and white film photo strip of a young man in the 1980’s. The man should have different expressions in each photo –v 6.0 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: sheltz32tt / prompt: still image from a paused 1980s VHS tape of a woman riding on a bicycle in New York City, effect of scan lines from a tube tv, image recorded on security camera, 480p resolution –style raw –v 6.0 –chaos 10 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Lou / prompt: photograph of polaroid interior scene, inspired by the 70s or 80s, woman is on velvet sofa, wearing satin night outfit, atmosphere of nocturnal relaxation, soft and warm lighting, classic chandelier lit in the background, vintage and elegant atmosphere –no phone / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Ray Wong / prompt: found footage video from 1985 of (…), 480p resolution –s 0 –style raw –v 6.0 –ar 4:3 / toolkit: MJ / source: X