Fantasy, time-traveling and retro-futuristic product design.

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There it is! You finally hear the bell ringing, loud enough for everybody to know the school is over for today. Out of classroom, down the stair and straight back home. You’re in a hurry, for you got some important things to take care of. Bam, you’re back. Throw the backpack away, kick the shoes off, turn on your PC and game on. It’s October 1997 and Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game has just been released. Post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic, a bit sci-fi too, brilliant and revolutionary RPG PC game that many were so deep in love with. We were too! And when we think about the product design of the future, we somehow bring back that well-known Fallout welcome screen. Have we gone nuts or something? Not necessarily… there are others too. Let’s say hi.

Let’s start with a creator called Future Familiar. It may not look post apocalyptic, but it is definitely futuristic, in the best way possible. The renders, the designs, the aesthetics we gat shared with is pure gold. The 3D environment artist in gaming, has been using his gram page as a playground for dreaming up and orchestrating an array of concepts, atmospheres, and moods of interest. But…the best part is yet to come. There are stories behind the artworks, excellent ones! A must-follow.

“Valerie stifled a yawn, her fingers moving over the console to initiate the scanning sequence. The green lights of the console flickered to life, illuminating the dim, cramped control room. The constant murmur of air recyclers and the occasional groan of metal were reminders of the asteroid’s weak gravity pulling against the station’s hull. This remote outpost, isolated and confined, was her entire realm for this tour. 

When she had enlisted as a prospector, the recruitment vids had promised adventure and a sense of purpose. They spoke of the exhilaration of discovery, of revealing treasures hidden within celestial bodies. The reality, however, was a series of prolonged, tedious shifts scanning desolate moons, a seemingly endless search for specks of value in the cosmic void. 

Through the thick viewport, Deimos loomed below, its ancient pockmarks and dust-scarred craters concealing whatever minerals they held within its lifeless terrain. Valerie had run scans across its skin a dozen times before, the topography was as familiar as the back of her hand. Yet she held out hope that one day, her instruments would detect a vein worth the labor. 

She activated the spectrographic radar, its various lenses and coils churning to life with a high-pitched whine as it sampled the moon’s crust one painstaking meter at a time. The machine’s vibration reverberated through the deck. Data began streaming across the terminal – iron, nickel, flecks of carbon and ice. Hardly a motherlode, but the possibility of more kept her going. 

Besides, in a few weeks, she’d be reassigned to scan Saturn’s icy rings. Perhaps there, on the frontier’s edge, her instruments would finally detect the bounty she had dreamed of since getting hired. For now, there was only the methodical scan, the sterile data, the solitude of her sta- 


The sound snapped her out of her reverie. The lunch delivery had arrived – she’d completely forgotten. And, it was Monday… that meant pizza. Deimos Diner Pizza. The establishment’s rendition of cheese and pepperoni were two resources Valerie could always count on out here.”

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

Browsing through the creations of an artist called Dead chainsaw is like rummaging through a game inventory, Fortnite-type-of. Great ideas, neat execution and a cool sense of humor, can you dig it? We truly believe one day some of the concepts will be 3D printed. Just check out those controllers, specs or watches! We crave them.

title: Millennial music equipment / source: Instagram

source: Instagram

If you enjoy the above, then you surely will love the talented An Improbable Future. There is something hypnotizing in the Improbable’s creations. Could be the nostalgia factor mixed with some idealistic visions we all have. For who would not want to keep their beloved Sony Walkman or the XBOX in 2040? In fact there are great companies nowadays that reflect the retro mode in their high-tech current devices design – Teenage Engineering to be precise! On top of those, the artist brings us their vision of transportation means, classy but futuristic. Ride on.

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Last but not least here is AI Formed apparently serving us with an opportunity to take a glimpse into the future. The memory of being asked at school to illustrate or describe how you envision the humanity in 2040 strikes back. Let’s see what’s in there, maybe we will find ever-wanted jetpacks. Try playing a small game while being there, guess what’s what before you click to see. Luckily A Formed found some space for plants. If not, then what would be your vision then?

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