It looks like AI is making people now!

If you are a brand owner/manager, marketing strategist or a media planner and you are tired of egotic people, sick of maniacs or the influencer’s need to make money by just posing to photoshoots then AI make come handy to you. How? Well, these are the exact needs the founder of The Clueless agency, Rubén Cruz, has decided to answer and along with his team gave birth to one of the most recognized AI models: Aitana Lopez!

She is an AI model who according to her creators she can earn up to € 10k a month! By being more reliable and easier to work with than real-life models, Aitana was simply born out of the need to be independent and redy to answer the advertising needs.

“We started analysing how we were working and realised that many projects were being put on hold or cancelled due to problems beyond our control. Often it was the fault of the influencer or model and not due to design issues…We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing” 

– said Cruz in the Interview for Euronews

rBeing close to perfect, young and fit, the 25 years’ old model’s image was born as a straight forward answer to what society likes most. The creators thought about the tastes, hobbies and niches that have been trending in recent year, like her Europeanized oriental culture, a Scorpio traits, that pink hair and a bit of a gamer side. A ready-to-go success recipe, it seems. Now, Aitana has got herself a company, Maia. Blonde Argentinian with passion for photography, travels and soccer, a bit more shy and introvert than Aitana, and of “bisexual orientation, which reflects her openness and diversity in her relationships.”.

The media coverage AI models like Aitana or her equally famous model friend Emily Pellegrini, are getting make the trend really worth noticing, with massive Instagram accounts, both over 100k, they were even getting DM from men asking them out. Aitana is also making money on the Fanvue platform, OnlyFans competition, where by paying €7 one can enjoy her semi-nude pics and that’s where the surrealism takes place of real life, doesn’t it?! Black Mirror coming true, thus can we really tell the difference in a world where real people tend to look like straight out of generative-AI and the other way round?! You tell me…