A few days back them Midjourney people have sweeten up our creative lives with another great feature which nobody asked for but everybody needed-panning. What it do? Well to start with, it allows users to pan images in four directions, sort of like something we already know, namely the Zoom Out thing, but without changing its magnification. Whereas, zooming means you actually change the magnification, in panning you’re actually chaining a view to another location. And this is out-of-this-world type of feature! Just think about it, you can now play creative and use it to tell stories in a completely different way. By using panning, you can extend your image in four different directions and keep on panning further and further, like a comic book artist, or a set designer, or a world creator! Let’s see what some chosen creative souls have to say about the latest MJ’s feature or what was their creative take on this.

One of the best ways to illustrate the superpower of panning was used in a blog post on Medium by Christie C. Just take a look.

artist: Christie C / prompt: The underwater fantasy, whimsical and intricate architectures, aquamarine, romantic academia, panoramic scale, dreamy pastel palette / source: Medium

Now, let’s take a deep, really deep dive! Pan down, shall we?!

You do get it right?! It’s crazy… now instead of this beautiful underworld image, imagine prompting a landing page, or an interior design, or anything, you name it! The sky is the limit.

artist: Christie C / prompt: UI interface design of a floral shop with dreamy flowers, landing page, dreamy pastel color palette, Victo Ngai style — ar 4:3 / source: Medium

A great example of how panning could be an incredible tool for storytelling comes from a well-known generative AI art explorer, Hanne Van Briel (@hanne_van_briel). Take a look at the picture below, please.

artist: @hanne_van_briel / source: Twitter

and now

‘let’s take this happy couch camper and see who’s sitting next to him’

anybody else?

that’s it?

awesome! Let’s pan again!

that bird! <3

You want more? Let’s zoom out.

artist: @hanne_van_briel / source: Twitter

Combining the panning feature and zooming out is an incredible combo! Someone you should be really familiar with, someone who is sharing high-quality prompts and valuable insights daily, the one and only Nicolas Neubert (@iamneubert) shared a very useful view on how to combine the two! A must-read.

‘I found it to be particularly impactful when used in conjunction with Zoom Out!’

artist: @iamneubert / source: Twitter

Make sure to visit his thread here if you want to learn how to unleash the full potential. Pure gold!