Artist Highlight: Rupert Cresswell & the Prospex Park

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board, we’re taking a trip to Prospex Park, but remember… the best getaways are a well kept secret. Let’s dive deep into the retro fashion enclave that nobody asked for but many are happy about.

If you haven’t heard about the place yet, let us introduce you to the unknown. Prospex Park is a digital portrait project by an artist and creative director of Rupert Cresswell.

Dear Rupert, the floor is yours:

As a British person who is new to living in Los Angeles, Prospex Park is a response to the sense of wonder and oddity that the city evokes in someone who is an outsider looking in. The project originated naturally, with a visit to the LA landmark Canter’s Deli inspiring the creation of the first collection: Diner Dates, which features AI-generated portraits of diners from an imagined past (or perhaps future).

This led me to consider a larger community beyond the diners, which inspired the creation of Prospex Park, a fictional suburban community explored through vibrant, AI-generated portrait collections.

The images speak for themselves. Carefully crafted and well executed, they let your imagination instantly dive deep into the suburban world of the retro future. Close your eyes and imagine you are queuing in a salon to get your hair cut or styled, now open them and meet the series entitled ‘Salon Selects’: mesmerizing and the trendiest hairstyle portraits from the suburbs. You can literally hear the salon buzz and gossips in the background.

How do you feel about joining a party?! Like in the series ‘NYE soirée’ where people are as glamorous as they can get… sort of like the Great Gatsbys’ world. Memorable moments from the unforgettable New Year’s Eve party at Prospex Park are captured in this vibrant collection of portraits.

What is so remarkable about Rupert’s artwork? It’s the storytelling mix with image creation that he has really mastered well. When you’re thinking it’s over he pushes it to yet another level, going for a collab with another creative, even an offline one, like this talented wig creator Florencia’s Wigs or a former Fishersponer singer Casey Spooner, BA DUM TSS!

Go and check out his work on either his website or the Instagram account. Get yourself comfortable and fasten your seatbelt. The Trip is about to begin.