Welcome to “not-only-anime” Niji V6.

Have you seen the Blue Eye Samurai yet? It really doesn’t matter if you are into anime or not, that show is a must see! Same thing with the Scavengers Reign. The truth is: if something scores above 8.5 on imdb then it’s pretty obvious why, it’s that good! It will just blow your mind away, just like the recent Midjourney Niji release: the V6 alpha edition! How is it different, what it do, and how; let’s see.

The V6 has got a nice update in its aesthetic and improved prompt understanding! In other words: if it doesn’t know what you prompt means, you can simply explain it, like you would do in a regular conversations (sort of). Niji V6 listens to details. It has an ability of unparalleled prompt comprehension. A great example of it is this:

“When you try to draw something that Niji 6 doesn’t already know how to draw, you can explain what you want. For example, niji 6 does not understand the concept of “kasa obake” (japanese umbrella monster).
But you can explain what a kasa obake is, and niji will draw it. Here is “kasa obake, a monster umbrella with one eye and one mouth with a long tongue standing on one leg”

One more exciting thing about the V6 is that it can generate simple text just like Midjourney V6! Hell yeah. Just put it in between double quotations and the rest will be taken care of. And last but not least; you don’t like anime that much and looking for a different style? No problem, says V6, just use –style raw or press the RAW mode button in the settings, it lets you bypass the anime aesthetics and work on getting a different visual interpretation of your prompt. Ta-dah!

Now let’s take look at what some of the best managed to pull out so far!

“Midjourney – Niji 6 is impressive!! I haven’t really been a huge Niji user, but that might change”

Alie Jules

“I haven’t been a big proponent for Niji because I wasn’t into some of the anime etc. but it always impressed me because it was built from a different model subset. It is just different than the mainstream MJ styles images. The new release of Niji 6 seems to keep that same impression and then some. I’m liking the look.”

Dave Wilson

“Recently, I shared a super effective prompt for anime renders with #Midjourney version 6. Just tested the same prompt in #nijijourneyv6 , and unsurprisingly, it’s seriously impressive. The effect is stunning!”

Pierrick Chevallier

Finally, if you want to see how Midjourney and its Niji counterpart come around the same prompt just check out this great thread by Nick St. Pierre here. Enjoy!