What’s good in the generative AI video shorts?

The dust has settled after the release of Runwayml’s Gen-2 as it has been over a month now. Therefore, it’s high time we took a closer look into the motion part of the generative AI world. Shorts, clips, loops, videos anything that was created with text to video software is definitely worth checking out. The artist themselves has been pushing the Gen-2 to the next level and we would like to showcase a few, jaw-dropping examples of what we are about to be experiencing, interacting with and watching in the coming not so distant future. As Steve Mills (@SteveMills), one of the most active early adopters of Generative Video AI, says:

‘The future of cinema will be in the hands of the creators, not the studios. Writers and directors can bypass the entire system. No more 200 million budgets. More like $2000. We are entering an exciting new era for film. 100% text to video @runwayml

and hits us with this incredible work 100% text to video:

artist: @SteveMills / source: Twitter

Vallée Duhamel, a Montreal-based studio founded by @julienvallee and @eveduhamel, which specializes in high quality lo-fi video, visuals, and installations has definitely started to work their way up the generative AI ladder. They have worked for such brands as Apple, Google, Hermès, Samsung and directed some music videos including Daisies for Katy Perry. But now, by combining real footage with AI generated content they may be on the brink of a new existence. Self-proclaimed, maybe, but surely well deserved, the generative AI video is beginning to be perceived by creators as a genuine stand alone cinematic category. The Vallée Duhamel studio’s work is amazing.

artist: @valleeduhamel / source: Twitter

The studio’s latest creation leaves no place for any doubts that he future of the cinema is very different from what we all have been thinking. Expect the unexpected.

‘After Light’ steers viewers into a distorted dreamscape of towering giants and strange characters, where the line between reality and artifice blurs.Created by Vallée Duhamel by combining footage with @runwayml Gen-1.

artist: Vallée Duhamel / toolkit: Runway, Midjourney, After Effects / source: Instagram

and a very interesting behind-the-scenes of the ‘After Light’. Incredible, to say the least.

source: Twitter

As Julien Vallée told the Stash Magazine in one their recent interview:

‘We began After Light by mingling different pieces of unused footage from past projects with shots taken with a DSLR and a phone, to create distorted landscapes populated by strange characters, blurring the lines between reality and artifice.

‘The journey soon drew us in, captivating us with the vast potential and complex intricacies of AI generative tools, especially Runway. It sparked an intriguing narrative, casting our characters into a novel and artificial existence that’s representative of the states of AI tools of today.’

Way to go people! You can read the entire interview with Julien here.

Sothebys selling visual artist, Grammy winning Music producer and his Mom’s favorite DJ, REO (@thisREO) has recently published his short made using @runwayml gen2. It needs to be put in the spotlight! Get ready for some goosebumps.

artist: @thisREO / toolkit: Runwayml gen-2/ source: Twitter

‘New ∞ using midjourney, after effects and photoshop generative fill . It’s fun to make this stuff more surreal cause when it looks “real” it gets boring to me. Music is from Dune soundtrack by the goat Hans Zimmer.’

artist: @thisREO / toolkit: Midjourney, After Effects and Photoshop generative fill / source: Thttps://twitter.com/thisREO/status/1679163997097193473?s=20witter

We have just turned REO’s fans. You should go for that too! Stay tuned for more here.