AI BITS: Echoes of AI in Echoes of Somewhere, daily dose of and the lost Artifact.

BIT #1

Somewhere under the surface of the mass generative AI enthusiasm of Hogwart-styled festivals and co., there is a great project sitting that you should know about. An experimental 2.5D point and click adventure game anthology series developed by a group of game industry veterans on their free time! Echoes of Somewhere, a game, which in its core assumption relies heavily on AI generated content. And, oh boy, it’s pure gold. Jussi Kemppainen, founder of Rovio animation, hyper-exeprienced game dev, set out on a journey to see to what extent and how they can take advantage of the new technology in creating games. Thus, Echoes of Somewhere was born. They fired off a devblog where you can read everything about the creative process behind the endeavor. If you ask us if it’s worth your time, then you better click here straightaway. Worth all the time you have. It is by now the most detailed and professional study of how the generative AI can serve in the gaming industry, with posts about AI assisted graphics: Character modeling, or Using AI as inspiration for UI design, to name a few, or what’s the toolkit, how does it work, the wins and looses, pros and cons, examples, attempts descriptions and dozens of visuals included to munch on.

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BIT #2

If you are in search of an opportunity to see the development of new creation tools in the hands of emerging and experimented artists, then we have just spotted something that may be an answer to your needs. launching as we speak, in September, is a platform where the artists are going to have their say. In their own words “a visual timeline charting the evolution of AI art.” Our hopes are great, and we are saying this by looking at what they have been sharing so far on their Fellowship X photography-related page. Happy to see the growing scope of interest.

“Every day, new artwork is minted by curated emerging and experienced voices, capturing a transformative period in art history in real-time. Our vision is to spotlight and celebrate the defining moments in an artist’s journey, framed within the wider narrative of an artform’s development.”

See their website to stay tuned and get to know about the each month launches here.

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BIT #3

The master of AI, Javi Lopez, has got us again. This time with his “discovered” super-production entitled “The Artifact”. “An almost unknown movie from the 70s that was not released in any cinema, was believed to be lost, but some geeks found a copy and remastered it, discovering an enigma still unresolved.” Now, he just got himself a new title: the master of storytelling. You just got to see why yourself here in this thread of his. Chapeau bas!

And it goes like this:

“The film revolves around an oopart object, a term used in conspiracy theories to describe objects that do not fit human chronology. In the film, the oopart is a monolithic structure that arises spontaneously in a Louisiana swamp.”

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PS. There is YT story about the discovery that has been released too.