BIT #1

‘Full House’, ‘That ‚70s Show’, maybe ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’, does it ring a bell? If you’re old enough you may remember those, the sitcoms that made our lives colorful and adventurous. No Netlifx, no video on demand, just a TV schedule and a regular weekly waiting time for the next episode of the all-time favorites. We loved them all. What would you say if we could go back in time and bring back the vibe of the 90’s, mix it with more recent blockbuster production like, Harry Potter and go frenzy about Hogwarts High?!

One super AI Creator and Storyteller Allen T (@Mr_AllenT) made our dream come true, how?

  • generated all of the images with Midjourney
  • animated the images with D-ID (entered text for some and no text for others to only get eye and head movement)
  • used DaVinci Resolve to add keyframes for camera movements
  • used free 90’s tv sitcom themes by John Bartman

Blast from the past. A masterpiece.

Join Harry, Draco, and the gang as they navigate charms class, quidditch tryouts, and prom night. Dust off your robes and tune in for an evening of enchanting laughs

artist: @Mr_AllenT / source: Twitter

BIT #2

With a bit of nostalgia on the table here lets take a deeper dive into the 90’s shall we? It’s lo-fi time! This one literally took our breaths away. Animated lo-fi scene created by one talented AI video artist Framer (@0xFramer). Not only it looks stunning, but the creative process Framer has shared with the community is something to look up to. Very detailed, very precise and equally educational. Something that used to take ages back in the days, has taken only 2 days now. 8 steps, easy enough to take a try even if you haven’t worked with motion before. What makes the process really unique is the Generative Fill use case that really stands out here!

You should try to. Make sure you view the thread here. Mindblowing tutorial!

artist: @0xFramer / source: Twitter

BIT #3

You remember the QR codes we talked about recently? If not you can check them out here. Anyways, the thing about them codes is that they now have chance only to work, but actually look good. We are following up on this to report that ‘looking good’ has reached another level. It’s not perfect yet, but can’t wait to see what happens in a day or two. Dreaming about the future days, when they will get completely hidden in an image for human eye. Scary or impressive? You decide.

source: Twitter

BIT #4

A nice dessert to finish off the BITS menu: Mandalorians. Who wouldn’t like a Mandalorian to cut their grass or get some groceries? Anybody? This is a day in the life of one regular Mandalorian by Cakedroid (@Cakedroid). Enjoy.

artist: @Cakedroid / source: Twitter