AI BITS: Secret lab in a parallel universe, Yearbook Photographs, apotheosis and a SUPER list of mega prompts

BIT #1

Do you know? Bringing AI pictures to life is way easier than you think, or at least that’s what one incredible AI creator said. And we are for, in general, as he knows what he’s saying. Apart from being a great storyteller and an AI-made video creator, Framer (@0xFramer) is also an exceptional educator. Framer has just released another video made by using PS Gen Fill and After Effects. Entitled “Secret lab in a parallel universe”, the video was once a static Midjourney pic that turned into an animated one, in time of 6 hours 57 minutes.

artist: @0xFramer / toolkit: Midjourney, PS Generative Fill and After Effects / source: Twitter

@0xFramer has promised to share the workflow on this, but if you haven’t seen his previous work, then it is a must-read to you. You can view the whole thread here. A mindblowing tutorial!

BIT #2

Yearbook photos, how could that be fun?! Well, if you are the photo guy it can. No lights, no cameras, just an idea and a prompt by Allen T (@Mr_AllenT). Anything is possible. Just browse through:

Prompt: [Subject], yearbook photo, [Year], [Optional Clothing/fashion style]’

artist: @Mr_AllenT / prompt: Snoop Dogg, yearbook photo, 1995, nerd clothing –style raw / source: Twitter

artist: @Mr_AllenT / prompt 1: Elon Musk, yearbook photo, 1983, fancy clothing –style raw, prompt 2: mark zuckerberg, yearbook photo, 2006, band clothes –style raw / source: Twitter

Who else did you go to school with?

artist: @HasanUmar / source: Twitter

artist: @LearnAI_MJ / prompt: Spock, elementary school yearbook photo, 1980 –style raw / source: Twitter

artist: @ozgurcanakbas / source: Twitter

There’s more, like Tom Cruise, Chewy, Yoda and others. Everybody went to school, right? The thread is hilarious. You can view the entire one here.

BIT #3

Apparently, adding “apotheosis” to any prompt makes it… more awesome. Apotheosis, divinization or deification, is the glorification of a subject to divine levels. Who has been involved in this, is the question that pops up and needs to be answered. In the meantime, we have nothing left to do but admire. The curious apotheosis case was spotted by one and only Cory Reeve (@cory_reeve1).

a regular sunrise turned awesome sunrise

artist: @cory_reeve1 / prompt: sunrise apotheosis –ar 16:9 / source: Twitter

just some meditation turned awesome meditation

artist: @cory_reeve1 / prompt: mindful meditation apotheosis –ar 16:9 / source: Twitter

and a simple kombuchapunk thing turned awesomest kombuchapunk

artist: @cory_reeve1 / prompt: kombuchapunk apotheosis –ar 16:9 / source: Twitter

You don’t believe us? Here is the proof. Thank you Learn AI (@LearnAI_MJ) for this <3

BIT #4

There is this person, a filmmaker, synthographer, and author, Knightama (@Knightama_). And they have been working super hard on their prompting skills. Not that long ago, Knightama shared in one of their mega threads on Twitter the learnings, so you can make use of it. You can browse through all of the 80 very valuable prompts here. This ain’t no joke. What a list!

artist: @Knightama_ / prompt: aesthetic photostrip from a photobooth, 1980s, split images of a young woman, different poses, silly, Matte, glossy, durable, tangible, instant, mechanical, analog, film-based, flash-enabled, manual, high-contrast, grainy, monochromatic, simple, physical, light-sensitive, chemical-processed, strip-formatted, cartridge-loaded, high-speed, self-developing, fade-resistant, handheld, boxy, bulky, single-lens, fixed-focus, point-and-shoot, non-digital, fixed-aperture, unedited, raw –ar 3:2 –v 5.2 / source: Twitter

artist: @Knightama_ / prompt: octopus walking down the street, street photography, kodak ektar 100 –ar 3:2 –v 5.2 / source: Twitter

artist: @Knightama_ / prompt: A high-stakes car chase scene from an action-packed blockbuster, with two muscle cars speeding through a narrow alley in a bustling city. The camera captures the intensity and focus of the drivers as they weave in and out of traffic, narrowly avoiding collisions. The scene is filled with heart-stopping moments, tire screeches, and explosive sound effects. Shot on an Arri Alexa Mini LF with a Cooke S7/i 35mm T2.0 lens, the image boasts incredible realism, sharp focus, and stunning color grading that fully immerses the viewer in the adrenaline-pumping pursuit, highly detailed, drivers are angry –ar 3:2 / source: Twitter

and there’s 77 more.