It’s nuts! The generative AI advancement is crazy fast, the news about the discoveries, new releases and the coming updates are literally jumping out of the fridge whenever you open it. It’s impossible to be ahead of the game or just on time with everything, like we were casted for the blockbuster movie Everything Everywhere All At Once. One day it i s the new update of Midjourney, dozens of ChatGPT plugins or a leaked use of the „Coming Soon’ Runway ML Gen 2, and the next one is the Sam Altman’s hearing in US Senate about the possible AI threats and AI-related EU draft legislations. To smooth things a bit for a while we would like to share with you those few laid backed AI BITS. Let’s all take a deep breath, stop for a sec and think what if…

BIT #1

What if there was no division between good and evil, everybody were friends and the only thing that mattered was joy. Sweet dreams right?! Well, Ashish Jose imagination went as far as that and the outcome rocks!

artist: Ashish Jose / source: Instagram

BIT #2

This one is massive and could as well be a stand alone post but we have decided to share it with you among others that bring creativity and perfect execution together. Again, what if Batman was not created by DC Comics, precisely by the great Bob Kane, but by other great artist, say Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali or maybe even Claude Monet? You prompt it, or rather Knightama (@Knightama_) prompted them. Check out the whole gigantic thread here. We are speechless… you will be too!

All the #PROMPTS are as simple as this:
BATMAN BY {NAME} (i.e., Batman by Velazquez)

If the result wasn’t good, a famous painting is added to the prompt:

BATMAN BY {NAME} IN THE STYLE OF {PAINTING} (i.e., Batman by Velazquez in the style of Las Meninas)

artist: @Knightama_ / description: With his diverse styles and constant experimentation, Pablo Picasso’s depiction of Batman would likely be multifaceted. He might explore Batman’s fragmented identity, presenting different facets of the character in Cubist-inspired forms and perspectives / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: With his raw, graffiti-like style, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Batman could be a commentary on social injustice, filled with symbolic elements, and rendered in bold, chaotic lines and vivid colors / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: Renowned for his pop art, Andy Warhol might present Batman as a pop art piece, perhaps repeating the image of Batman or his logo in various bright and bold colors,emphasizing his status as a cultural icon / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: Famed for his depiction of rural American life, Grant Wood might portray Batman in a Gotham City that reflects the same quiet, down-to-earth dignity found in his most famous work, “American Gothic.” / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: In Salvador Dali’s surreal world, Batman might be depicted with elongated limbs and melting clocks, symbolizing the distortion of time and space in Gotham City’s night / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: Known for his impressionist landscapes, Claude Monet might depict Batman in the open air, with the Gotham City skyline softened by his iconic, loose brushwork and bathed in shifting light / source: Twittter

artist: @Knightama_ / description: Known for his thought-provoking and often paradoxical images, René Magritte might present Batman in an unexpected context, perhaps with Gotham City reflected in a floating green apple or his identity hidden behind another mask / source: Twittter

They really deserved a coffee.

BIT #3

One of the most active Midjourney prompt magicians and one who is sharing his high quality prompts daily, Nicolas Neubert (@iamneubert) has called other magicians to create a house, not a regular one though, but one that will be made out of prompts. Each section of the house prompted out by a different artist, highlighting the possibilities that various prompt designers see, yet somehow end up very closely related to the other. And there we are. Welcome to Nicolas Neubert’s prompted crib. Come on in.

artist: @iamneubert / prompt: Type of Shot: minimalistic future house photoshoot: A modern house located in a jungle House: Modern house consisting out of organic shapes. The house has round shapes and influenced by nature. Light: Professional Photoshoot Lighting, Natural Daylight Quality Output: High quality editorial shot, super details, visual noise, clear focus on the house. Camera Style: Shot on a Hasselblad medium format camera. 16K, UHD, Super Sharp Photo, light image, with film grain –ar 16:9 –s 500 –q 2 –v 5 / source: Twitter

The tour starts with the family room and the kitchen, where natural light fills the room to create a space where everyone likes to hang out! Right next to the room, the kitchen expands into a glass-roofed wing.

artist: @JoaoSan89 / source: Twitter

Next is the office with a panoramic glass front, sure to inspire everyone to achieve great things!

artist: @TheAI_Architect / source: Twitter

We enter the children’s room, which is the perfect place to start a new adventure!

artist: @hanne_van_briel / source: Twitter

When things get exhausting, we enter the master suite crafted by @ciguleva. The space’s blend with nature will guarantee everyone finds their inner zen.

artist: @ciguleva / source: Twitter

Next up is the meticulously designed bathroom, surrounded by beauty, it’s a place where everyone enjoys starting or ending their day.

artist: @gen_ericai / source: Twitter

Then, we peek into the lounge. Luxury and organic materials fuse to create a space suitable for the finest events.

artist: @WorldEverett / source: Twitter

Below the house lives a place of meditation and tranquillity, arved right out of the house’s stone foundation.

artist: @archi_reum / source: Twitter

To get more details of the incredible creation that the artists have come up with make sure to visit Nicolas thread here, the basement is not the last room 😉

BIT #4

Midjourney has its limits, as we all are aware of. So if you’re not a well-known person, an actress, celebrity or a meme, with which the library has been fed, it is impossible you could use it to create an AI generated portraits of yours. But, here comes InsightFace, an integrated Python library for 2D&3D face analysis which in short lets users swap the Midjourney faces with any other.

‘With Insight Face Swap-Bot, you can create a digital likeness of yourself quickly and effortlessly. All it takes is a few simple steps and you’ll be able to have your very own masterpiece in no time!

If you want to do it, please visit Christie’s C. Guide published on Medium here to get walked through the process. Have fun!

source: Medium